This happened maybe half a year ago!!

So one day i received an email from gorgeous Hannah Tan asking me for a favor and i would have never guessed what she wanted me to do. She said she’s doing a photoshoot and wanted a fresh new image and she wanted me to… be her stylist.


At first i was like wtf of all people why me?! I’m sure in her industry she knows dozens of talented international stylists! And then i was like i am most definitely not qualified to style her, my only expertise is to dress myself up, i have never attempted to make anyone else look good. Now to think of it i think stylists/make up artists/hair dressers are so… noble. They are making a living making OTHER people look great. I don’t think i am ever that 伟大 and i think my ego cannot take it wtf.

But then after that i agreed. :X

I was very very honored that someone as stylish and awesome as her would even consider leaving the fate of her image in my hand, so i think i cannot be that bad la. I just braced myself and accepted the challenge.


So first of all i brought her to Number76 for a hair change.

Actually both Dejima san and i had a long long discussion and were super stressed because we couldn’t afford to mess things up T__T. What if later Hannah doesn’t like her hair *slits wrist

But then she is so gorgeous she practically can look good bald wtf. Plus she is soooo nice and receptive she just said she will leave it up to us.


Since Hannah went very blond before and always had long fringe, we gave her dark ash color and a full bang, which she hasn’t had for years!


I also free loader went and do free treatment while waiting lolol.

Hannah with new hair!!! Pretty or not!! 😀

Got people say we swapped image lololol. Now i look like her and she looks like me wtf.

With Amy, who kept whispering to me “oh my god she is so pretty” all the time during hair treatment.




On photoshoot day!

With a real stylist!

Trying AW mode-style on Hannah!

Next look is glamorous bling!!



Some style shots!



Haha she was wearing my top 😛

She just looks good in almost anything la! And most of the time i just kept staring at her cuz a little overhwmled by how pretty she is wtf *creepy



Anyway that was my first ever time being an amateur stylist, and it was very very fun! I hope i did an okay job!

Anyway, few days later.

The concierge intercommed me and was like, someone sent you flowers!!!

I got very excited i thought i have a secret admirer wtf. And then…


I don’t understand how can anyone be so pretty and nice at the same time T______T.

She is indeed one of the nicest girls i’ve ever met T___T.

Thank you Hannah.






Ok time for my own styling pix. *balances ego

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