This is me showing you my home in my home. #homeception.

But i don’t really stay there anymore because firstly almost half the time i practically live in Japan, and the other half when i am here, i stay with the kareshi in a rented apartment in KL so my house is now pretty much abandoned -_-. And it is hell lot of a headache.

Anyone who occasionally stay with their partner (but not moved in fully) will understand this. You will have NO MATCHING SHOES for all your outfits (!!!) and you wish you have two iMacs and you buy double the house hold items. In our case it is worse because we will have to buy those things when we live in Japan. It’s like we are living three lives at the same time. I’m not sure if it is a good or bad thing.

Of course there were also serious talk about deciding a place to stay, whether to live in my place, or the rented apartment, or get an entirely new places, or move to Japan wtf. But the most ideal idea would of course be getting a bigger place for the both of us, my mom, or even a family in the future.

Which is why i have also been quite interested in properties, even though not anytime soon, but no harm to do some research and looking around. After all, i’d say you would probably need some luck with buying a property, because good ones are hard to come by and if you hesitate, you might miss it forever.

Which is what i didn’t do when i got my place. I was incredibly lucky and didn’t even hesitate to get it even if that means i had to sell my car and be car-less for two years. But there was no regret, because the feeling of owning a home is… i didn’t realize how awesome it is until i had one.

Went to the private preview at the sales gallery of Arte@Subang West, a project by Nusmetro to have a look.

It was indeed very impressive, with all the interactive virtual experiences and avant-garde design.

Model of the new project.   Here are some of the visuals of Arte @ Subang West!

One of my favorite is its iconic glass cube lounge! It is a chill-zone that is almost space-like overlooking the city.

It is so futuristic i feel like i’m in some sci-fi movies that involves good looking heroes with super powers.

Love the lighted furniture collection!

The aqua zone completed with jacuzzi , BBQ area and a fully equipped aqua gym.

The interior. It looks spacious and i have always wanted to live in a duplex. Somehow i think it is very romantic haha.   Anyway, for those of you who missed the private preview, here’s how you can have a virtual tour of Arte. First of all, go download Arte@SubangWest app on your iphone.

See this picture below?

Just point your phone with camera view on it

Like this And magic happens!!

You will get a 360 degree view of Arte’s interior from your phone.

like this!

It transform your own house into an Arte apartment! Anyway, Arte@Subang West will have its official launching on 22-23 this September, so if you have time don’t forget to drop by to experience a whole new lifestyle concept!

Visit the sales gallery now!

Nusmetro Sales Gallery (KL)
Unit 105 & 106, Block E, Phileo Damansara 1,
No.9, Jalan 16/11, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7955 6676