I hate to admit it but i am too spoilt to buy normal priced air tickets :X

It’s a bit like getting invited to Nuffnang screening too often now you won’t even pay for your own movie tickets anymore. In conclusion, bloggers are assholes.

One of the reasons why i can afford to travel so much (apart from when i am paid to fly for work, which is very, very often, excuse my humble brag), which half of you all ask all the time, is because i am very very good at findig cheap deals. Contrary to popular belief, i don’t always stay in palaces run by unicorns in uniform and glowing floating castles when i travel, only sometimes. The rest of the time i stay in hotels that costs RM120 a night. In Japan. And very, very decent hotels.


And that is because i do my research. By research i mean typing into Google. Shocking revelation right? I know. So maybe next time you can do the same before asking me “where should i go and what should i do and eat in Japan?” Just an idea.



#Addictiontrip to OSAKA for RM700 per person. RETURN.


Cuz we are awesome.

Anyway, here’s a site i sometimes use for those purposes. And i am giving it to you for free. You are welcome.




Here are over 100,000+ budget to luxury hotels, 5000+ tours and activity deals that you can spend all your free time to compare with.


And then there’s the AirAsiaGo’s ‘Flight + Hotel Combo’ savings, which is ridiculous.

An awesome promo will be launched soon, and on top of that, you can book your hotel with Flight + Hotel Combo package for so save more on hotels.



Some other hotels in other countries has up to 70% off O.O


And then! Normally when this happens, i will try to keep the information as secret as possible for my own benefits, but since i already have my travel schedule fixed and sponsored throughout the rest of the year and i can be all condescending and be like, nah, i don’t need to compete so here’s your turn for some sweet deal!



The OMG 72 Hours Sale is coming.

You all know the drill. Clear all your night out appointments and get a comfortable chair in front of your computer on the 24th night.

Because all these will be happening starting 25th September 00:00. Until 27th September.

Travel period is 1 Oct 2012 – 30 Nov 2012, which is happening SOON. I love all these spontaneous last minute holiday thrills!

Destination: Bangkok, Langkawi, Perth, Osaka, Beijing

Here are some deals that will be for grabs:

Kuala Lumpur – Bangkok 3D2N Hotel Stay + Return Flights + All Taxes from RM589/person

Kuala Lumpur – Osaka 5D4N Hotel Stay + Return Flights + All Taxes from RM 980/person


WHAT THE?!emp2emp2emp2


Your destiny is in the swiftness of your fingers and your internet speed. Ambulance booking in advance in case of heart attack is optional.