One of the hardest thing for girl on holiday to deal with is her hair.

Already we spend quite a long time doing our make up but creating a perfect hairstyle also means that we have to wake up even earlier. But you all know how important hair is.

Of course we set off the alarm at an ungodly hour, fix our hair so it’s big wavy and beautiful, and the moment you step outside your hotel it’s like ground zero.

Even if it doesn’t rain, there’s no wind, you avoided the roller coaster ride, it is still subject to the impending curse we call the “Afternoon Hair Slump”, which is when hair falls flat, becomes dull and so does your spirits.

Here are some of the cheat code for extended good hair moments.

So you wake up and set your hair into a full, soft and more manageable curls, and when the Afternoon Hair Slump curse takes effect and it becomes lifeless and a static frizzball


Immediately tie it up. Some dampening may be needed to tame your lioness made, or some backcombing may be needed for limp tresses.


When even the pony tail looks like a witch’s broom, you can always camouflage it with super attention seeking caps to distract people.


When all else fail, tie it at the back to cheat a short bob.


Or we can always invest a small amount in hair products, which most of us have forgotten is an option.

Sunsilk has developed two product ranges infused with power blends of natural oil, and the ranges are Sunsilk Nourishing Soft and Smooth and Smooth and Manageable.

The natural oils chosen for the new products include Moroccan Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Camellia Oil and Babbasu Oil, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil to address dry and unmanageable hair issues plaguing women today.

These oils when infused together not only penetrate and nourish the hair better, they also leave a creates a protective layer that prevents moisture loss, while not weighing hair down.


Sunsilk also introduced a new Nourishing Spray together with this launch. 2 shakes, 2 sprays’, apply to wet or dry hair, anytime and anywhere for instant conditioning and shiny hair.

Here is how to get a free sample!!!


Apply to dry hair for. This will add shine and smooth hair.

• Use pre heat styling – before tonging or straightening – to make styling easier

• Protect from external elements such as weather conditions or pollution

• As a time-saver. Distributing oil across the hair will help speed up blow-drying time

• Apply to wet hair to help detangle”


Also Sunsilk has a contest where choose among popular good times, make up your own itinerary and stand a chance to win one whole day of extended good time or a grand prize worth RM15,000!!!

The contest will start from 19 Oct – 7 Nov.

Participants start creating their own good times combination by picking the icons provided in the app and fill up the “empty holder” on the bottom of the page in AM, NOON and PM.

Each users will be given 3 chances. For eg. Today I login to the FB app and created my first set of itinerary, I’ve used my “one chance”. After one week, I login to the app again, I can still create my own itinerary because there are 2 chances left.

Winners will win an “extended day” to experience what they’ve picked in AM, NOON, PM

First 25 winners will be selected by sharing the same highest combination and each of them can bring one girlfriend or BFF to attend the event.

On the reward event day itself, Sunsilk will give them a task on how to win the RM15k prize!

Remember you were jelly about our 4 girls Hello Kitty trip to Hello Kitty land eating Hello Kitty macarons and flying on Hello Kitty air?

Now it’s not just a dream emo5

More about the contest on Sunsilk Facebook!