I will be going to Japan for TouchMe’s fashion show again, and believe it or not, it is Spring/Summer collection already -___- (it’s not even winter yet), which means under chilly weather i will have to dress in happy springy outfits, which also means showing more skin!

This is how my idol Ena dresses recently, almost doesn’t show any skin at all! In a way it’s quite comforting know that as it gets colder you feel more secure underneath layers of clothes and even if you gain weight it probably would be hard to tell.

But during the Spring/Summer fashion event, you are probably expected to turn up like this:


Which also means you’d better bare your confidence, lose the extra fats and get that smooth and silky legs!


As for me, this would probably be something i’d wear:


And for that i will need Veet again!

I have talked about Veet Waxing Strips in a video earlier. Today i’ll talk about a different product:

Veet cream

Unlike waxing strips, this is just a cream you apply on your skin for a few minutes before you remove it to reveal smooth and flawless skin, the best part: completely painless.


How to Use:

  • Step 1: Preparation
    Wash off any body cream or oil and ensure legs are totally dry
  • Step 2: Applying
    Squeeze enough cream onto spatula, spread evenly on legs, cover all unwanted hair –leave it on for 3 mins (normal) and 5 mins (sensitive)
  • Step 3: RemovingRemove hair using spatula
  • Step 4: FinishingRemove cream by rinsing thoroughly with water


That’s all! It could easily be done during shower time!

Don’t forget that while getting soft and smooth skin, you also get a chance to win cash prizes and be feature on magazines by just re-designing a simple outfit to show how you flaunt your flawless skin!

Here’s mine in case you missed it!


For more information on Veet If Off , visit Veet Facebook Page!