So here’s the #addiction secret mission!

It was revealed in ViVi October issue!

Aud flew to Japan for 2 days (i was there already during my 2 week’s stay) to have a secret shopping trip!

And…. thats ALL for you guys!

I know we haven’t done much for Foruchizu but comes this end of November, we will go all out for a Pop Up Store in ISETAN, KLCC!

Foruchizu will be selling the latest trends from Japan! In conjunction with Christmas, there are also lots of contest, Aud and I will be there to support too!

So if you missed ChurpOut flea, you can come this time!


Don’t forget to mark your calender!! No excuse not to come this time cuz it will be a ONE MONTH long campaign 😀 😀 😀



Here are some pictures during our Tokyo trip ^^


#Addiction top!!!

I saw this top and immediately was like i have to get this for the both of us lol.

The hotel ISETAN put us up at!!

It’s just a 2 minutes walk from Shibuya 109! Shopping everydayyyy

Just realized we camho behind police car hahahha so badass



This is #addiction reunion in Japan! We were in Osaka early this year for a shopping trip! It’s nice to get to experience Tokyo together, finally!






Walking to 109!




At a Liz Lisa event outside 109.

Best mall in the world 😛





Got twin phone case also!!



Later in the afternoon we went to Harajuku



And then a reader, Kaila from Phillipines, recognized us <333



Evening we went to Runway Channel’s fashion event




On photo stage!


With Sweet magazine’s writer


Misha whom i met during Kawaii International filming



And omgomgomg….

Also met SUNWEI!!! (Asami, Sunwei, Suzuki Aya and Miho)

She is my favorite Popsister model! I’m so happy to meet her and she is super nice T____T


Also took Purikura at the event!

With a dokumo (forgot her name) and Hayley from Isetan <3


Went to NALU Cafe Omotesando for dinner. Their fries with burger was soooo goooooood




That’s all!


Once again, remember to mark down your calender, any day from 30th November 2012 until Christmas, to visit FORUCHIZU’s Pop Up Store at Isetan KLCC, for awesome Japanese fashion!