When it comes to hair removal, i bet many people have looked at the sky (or bathroom ceiling) in exasperation asking God why armpit hair was created on human.

Or hair on many other body parts. I think hair removal salons had a conspiracy with God. When i cannot afford crazy expensive IPL, home care seems like a pretty good option!

Everyone knows Veet because it is the no.1 hair removal cream in Malaysia.

I used to shave during showers using shaving creams, but i discovered the Veet waxing strips and i think it is perfect for an emergency night out because it is completely no-mess and so convenient!

For beginners, you may want to know the difference between the traditional shaving method, shaving cream and waxing.

Shaving: Result is rough and prickly. It’s almost pointless because you have to shave every 2 days -__-. Oh, and gets razor cuts almost every. damn. time T___T.

Cream: the cream will soften hair follicles and leaving a soft rounded egde! It feels smoother and lasts longer too.

Waxing: Removes hair completely from the root and you will have smooth hair free skin for 4 weeks!


I chose the pink box that has shea butter and berry fragrance, because it is suitable for even shorter hair!

It will grab hair as short as 1.5mm, so you wait less time for your hair to grow back before waxing again!


Contains 20 wax strips and 4 perfect finish wipes inside.


After i went to Japan, i was quite particular about body hair because the Japanese girls all have smooth silky legs. Their hair removal is super comprehensive. Do you know that waxing behind the neck is a common thing for Japanese girls?! (So that when they tie their hair up in a pony tail their behind neck is smooth and sexy omg.

I love how Veet gives me soft and smooth skin because i looooove wearing shorts.


If you love fashion, here’s your chance to flaunt your silky smooth skin with Veet and stand a chance to win cash prizes!

Here are the steps:

Logon to: www.facebook.com/VeetMalaysia

Fill in a registration form and submit a photo of your Veet It Off outfit.

Be the top 50 voted participants and panel of Judges will select the final

10 girls who will attend the grand finale to show off their outfit and RM 10,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs.

You just need to choose an outfit and redesign it by folding, tying or even cutting to confidently flaunt your skin.
Here is my Veet It Off outfit!

This is just a simple long sleeve shirt with laced collar, which is rather boring.


What i did:

Cut the sleeve off half way on both sides


Ta da!!

Now i have an off shoulder long-sleeve which is a super popular design early this summer!


After that i felt even more adventurous, so i cut those sleeves completely off.

Now i have a sleeveless vest to show off my hair-free arms 😀

I also wore a bustier that shows off just a liiiiiittle bit of midriff.


3 different styles!



Here’s a video on Veet Waxing Strips and Veet It Off project!




Log on to Veet’s Facebook page to join the contest now!