I blogged about KOSÉ Save The Blue awhile ago, i am still using the Sekkisei lotion and sunblock everyday! 360ml is a MASSIVE bottle!

And then KOSÉ invited me and Aud to their 40th Anniversary media launch, where they celebrate the launch of KOSÉ Infinity Prestigious range.

The event was in the center court of KLCC


The event! This time it is so classy and gold campred to Save the Blue event. I guess because the crowd is a more mature one too.


The launch of 3 Infinity Prestigious products! Haha i guess they hired a few hunks instead of normal pretty models to capture the heart of the ladies lolol.

They also came up to us one by one and let us try!!!


Aud and i trying on Infinity Cream Prestigious.


And then the ambassador came!

Amy Mastura is the Malaysian spokesperson for KOSÉ Infinity. She looks stunning! She shared her experience with Infinity products and her own beauty tips. And also performed two songs on the spot.


She also gave out the grand price to a contest winner!

She gets a free trip for two to Tokyo!! (The emcee said if she’s single she can go twice HAHHAA)


Signing session and lots of photo snapping.


After that the media proceeded to a cafe for tea time, i also got a picture with Amy Mastura!

(She looks younger than me T____T)



Back at home!


KOSÉ gave me one full set of Infinity Prestigious!! I love them so much!!! emp2

Infinity Prestigious is the latest anti-aging range from KOSÉ, and there are 3 products in total!


1. Infinity Lotion Prestigious

It’s a very light (but slightly thicker than Sekkisei) firming lotion that blends into the skin, hydrating, protecting and firming the skin.

It creates a veil of moisture to keep your skin hydrated for a long time!



2.Serum Prestigious

This one is an aging care emulsion with highly permeable base that creates soft skin.

It cares for sagging and fine wrinkles, thoroughly protects skin from uneven skin texture and dryness caused by aging and damage from UV rays.


3. Cream Prestigious (and the super hero)

jeng jeng jeng!!

In this beautiful gold bottle, is the cream of supreme luster.

This is KOSÉ Infinity’s latest pride: a high quality cream containing not only plant-derived beauty ingredients, but highly permeable biomembrane component “phospholipid” in capsule form, highly water-retentive hyaluronic acid and other forming ingredients compounded in a balanced formula.

According to Amy Mastura, the firming and lifting effects after applying is almost instant! This prestigious cream will create a bright, lustrous and fully dimensional face that last all day long.

And with only these three products, anti-aging seems to be so much easier!

Here’s a video summary of the products, and also how i feel about it! 🙂

Do watch! ^^

(Warning: annoying high pitch voice, just for fun)

Lastly, to find out more about KOSÉ, go to

Website: http://www.kose.com.my/


Don’t forget you can also go to any Kose counter to seek advise from Kose Beauty Advisor!