Hello guys!

As usual, one of the first things i did when i arrived in Japan is to shop in my favorite brand!

This is how much i bought lol.

The previous time i traveled to Japan i left all my outers there (since i won’t need them in Malaysia). Then i thought when we moved from our weekly apartment to a new one i accidentally threw all of them away T___T

So i bought another two brand new down coats. And then i discovered the missing 4 in the shoe cabinet -____-.

So now i own like 6 winter coats all from EMODA lol.

Went to the one in Shibuya 109! All the charisma shop staff are super pretty and super friendly <3 If you ever drop by Tokyo , say hi to them!

Some of the new arrivals in store.

Down coat perfect for the weather now.

The standard monotone.

EMODA rose-print knit in 3 colors.

New iPhone case!

They are super fast, already selling iPhone 5 casings too! <3


Fav items i bought:

EMODA original leopard print wallet!

Wanted the iPhone case of the same print too but sold out immediately in all the stores…. T_T

Leopard tattoo tights

All black flip phone case.

I have a blue one but i love it so much and decided to get black too! It’s the mos convenient thing ever because it comes with card slots, perfect for some like me who ALWAYS lose my parking tickets/train tickets/name cards!

Bijou Earrings


Some of my EMODA coordinate during this trip:

Felt hat, cropped knit top, 3-way bag and shoe from EMODA

XMAS Novelty item! Always amazed by how luxurious their novelty items are!! <3


Whole coordinate from EMODA!

This boa fur coat is the warmest coat i’ve ever owned. The bag was also a novelty present a few months ago!

Down coat, black denim and rain boots from EMODA.

Novelty Xmas bag + tights from EMODA

Another down bomber coat from EMODA. This is my current favorite because it’s super warm and the material is super super soft!


On a sick day also EMODA hahahha




Thank you thank you thank you ENA, who was so busy but still spare time to meet me for dinner!

She also just dyed her hair lavender, soooo cute!

ENA and Takuma treated me super awesome Italian food. Beef was sooooo soft!

Wanted to meet her and pass her belated bday present! I got her a spiral earring i got from e.m. ISETAN earlier (i blogged about it) and she really loves it!

She says that’s her fav brand too (because e.m. sounds like initial for Ena Matsumoto hahahaahha)

And then New Year card for her lol.

Few pictures above is from ENA’s blog. You can go read it here!



Didn’t expect i also receive gifts from her!

She said it’s my wedding gift: an air purifier and 2013 diary from EMODA.

Super happy! I will use it everyday <3



Also, we chatted a lot and ENA also told me her new plans and projects for 2013. I am really really excited for her (and for all of us), will update if i have news! 😀


Lastly, if you love EMODA, now you can purchase directly at JRunway, Plaza Singapura, Singapore, or from


Here is their latest arrivals:

Also don’t forget to check out their FACEBOOK PAGE for Ena’s coordinate pictures and news!