After blogging about Olay Regenerist 10 Minute Witness, Aud and i actually had a shoot together, to document the whole 10 minute witness process on video!

Will upload it in this post!

Taken in my house. This is actually a picture of me taking a picture of my TV screen. And Audrey is very concerned about her nice angle on TV lol.


Olay products on our desk!

Basically we had to do a live demonstration on the 10 minutes witness to show that it works, and we actually challenge each other playing Triple Town on my phone during the 10 minutes!

We applied it on our elbow and arms because we couldn’t find wrinkle on our faces anymore lol.

And after 10 minutes, we could see the result before and after application of Olay Regenerist., and as if that’s not enough, the director decided to super hi-res it on the big TV screen lolol. It was embarrassing to see the “before” wrinkles being amplified 100 times T___T


Also, we got invited to NTV 7 to go on Bella TV on the 10th December, Monday, 11AM, live!!

With host Elaine Daly. Did you catch us on TV that day? 😀


To basically talk about beauty and also share our experience with Olay Regenerist. It’s quite a serious and formal program and it makes us feel like some kind of beauty expert heheheh.

And if you missed the Bella TV interview, here it is for your viewing!

Also, remember the Olay Giveaway? Here are the 3 winners!!

Jeng jeng jeng….


Thanks for joining and congratulations!

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