After a month of talking about DHC Collagen Beauty 7000, it’s finally launched!

This is the DHC store in Shibuya where i get my bulk supply of collagen drinks from! (also some other DHC products.)

In Japan they also sell it by bottle in convenient stores, so it’s super easy , you can just grab one bottle whenever you need it!

If you are still unsure what DHC Collagen is and why you need it, here’s a video to help you understand more!


And so…

I attended DHC Collagen launch by Watson and also shared my experience after a one month consumption of the beauty drink!

Two kawaii girls introducing the product.

Media people at the event

Other than the beauty drink, DHC is actually also very popular with its skin care range (and also supplements in Japan).


Skin Analysis by DHC Beauty Advisor on the spot

The DHC team must love pink color a lot! <3


Aud and i with giant DHC collagen bottle!

Then we were invited on stage for a mini talk show by DHC product representative to give more understanding about the product. Cindy was the emcee of the day!

I shared about my experience during my consumption of DHC Collagen in Japan, how it makes my skin more hydrated than usual in winter time, making me drink more water than usual, and generally also helps me sleep better i think!

Watson’s representative and us, as well as everyone who attended the event was given one bottle each to consume on the spot! Probably the healthiest cheers session ever 😛


I have taken it for more than a month now and still loving it so far because it has really become my daily nightcap.

Now the danna is also taking it because i feel very selfish to drink it by myself :P. So every time i take one bottle before i sleep i will hand him a bottle too!


Available exclusively at Watsons so do drop by the nearest one and check it out!

Also, time to have something special for you all!

When you purchase DHC Collagen, show this coupon to get RM30 off DHC Deep Cleansing Oil! ^^