If you read me long enough you’d know that i’ve never ever owned a branded bag (the most expensive bag i’ve ever bought myself was a Samantha Thavasa on discount, then i sold it promptly because i felt so guilty wtf), partly because i am more of a street-style person and less a high-end lover, then mostly because i feel very heartache to spend so much my hard earn cash on something i’d get bored in less than 2 months. Thirdly because Malaysia a lot of snatch thieves wtf.

Unless it’s a gift then different story la. But then my kareshi/danna is also not the present a Hermes to his love kind of guy, so. T___T

BUT i got myself the first Chanel ever! From a vintage shop in Tokyo. (And then i felt guilty for about 2 months now and i’m thinking of selling it already WTF)


I was asking you all on Instagram which one to get and i got like 150 comments, which is the most responsive IG post ever.

Thank you all for confusing me and not helping me to make a choice hahahaah. The vote was almost 50/50 so i took the golden advice from the danna and got the blue one in the end lol.

The reason why i got it was because (actually all excuses)

1. It’s highly dangerous to shop in Japan because the staff are so ultra nice and persuasive it’s like hypnosis and after you walk out from the shop you’re like “WTF HAVE I DONE

2. Junna, the shop owner is my blog reader and she gave me a big discount.

3. I went a little overboard wanting to give myself a wedding gift.

4. Vintage/second hand culture is so strong in Japan i also got influenced a little. It never occurred to me to buy a pre-loved luxury bag in Malaysia.

The whole branded scene in Japan is so different, i love it because it is truly for fashion sake and not so much status and glamor (Polo shirt and jeans with a glaring Monogram, sorry i really cannot agree.). And i started to change my opinion on branded culture a little.

So Valentine’s is coming!

Maybe you want to give a nice luxurious surprise to your lover, or want to hint your lover to give you a luxurious surprise lolol.

If you are a luxury enthusiast, find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the one you love at Reebonz.com. I’m quite sure you have heard of it! I have also blogged about it when they first launched! If you haven’t,  Reebonz.com is a reliable website offering authentic luxury handbags at very affordable prices.

They have a wide range of international designer brands selection such as Prada, Coach, Burberry, Coach, Mulberry, Dior, Balenciaga, Gucci, etc.

And for Valentine’s Day there are lots of ideas what you can purchase for your gf/bf, as their products include watches, accessories, wallets, clutches, bags, shoes, sun-glasses, designer shoes, men wallets, ties… For sure you can find something your partner likes!


And also pre-owned Chanels if you’re into vintage.


Not to forget this all comes with:

  • Free shipping
  • 0% Installment payment plan are available from 8 banks
  • it’s of course 100% Authentic (for all you skeptics of online shopping out there)

All orders are delivered in Reebonz luxurious black box with signature gold ribbon. Looks so lux!


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