Just realized i haven’t had much fashion picture to post after coming back to KL. Instagram also almost dead -_-. I have plenty of picture of horribly cooked dinner though you can see it from Twitter.

Here some fashion pictures taken recently!

Mild color bleach for dark hair


For ash grey + silver spatula highlight. By Amy from Number76 Mid Valley!

Nais or not!! Although got filter.

With Hannah Tan who came for color + treatment too!


So pretty la….


Soft curls





Hairband from Foruchizu ISETAN


Night out




Hair is ownself do wan!!




My rare Amekaji (American Casual) coordinate. Danna shirt lol


Then 100% image change lol


Then casual style



Then erm… Wedding Style.

Amy did the hair piece for me!!! Isn’t she super talented?!? I love that girl.


Then whole body EMODA.

Lastly sponsored coordinate from www.sneakapeekonline.net!

Black floral bra and brief so cute! Enter coupon code “cheesie15” to get 15% off! Valid 3 months from nao♡



Also ownself do wan!





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