How was your new year? I have a new definition for WTF. Besides the CNY version What The Fatt, it now stands for “With The Family“. Because why? I have one now.

Also I apologize for the lack of update. And i also apologize in advance that i may have to apologize for the same thing again.

My life hasn’t been very interesting, unless you want me to bore you with the food i eat everyday.

Ha. Good idea. Maybe i’ll do just that. You are welcome.

Yea me too  i can’t believe i have to resort to doing this because i ran out of stuff to write about. And a bit hypocritical of me considering i have sneered at girl bloggers who posts nothing but boring food pictures. Sigh.

I don’t know what’s happening to me. (Marriage, i guess. That’s what this thing does to you.)

Also, i love Isetan.


If there’s anyone to blame/thank, it would be Horny (not a typo) and Yuki, who bought me what they thought is the “most useful wedding present ever”.

(On a side note, Aud and Tim also bought us gorgeous new bed sheet as wedding present, and she carefully asked me to use it “productively” oh god.)

So in order not to disappoint all my thoughtful friends, i actually did pretend to put the book into good use. Except that sometimes when you pretend you also sort of do it for real.

This is my series of #HowNotToCookDinner.

This is 3 years after my first attempt at How Not To Cook Tarako Pasta.

Level One Cooking

Failed Omurice with diarrhea curry topping.

Also the broccoli you see here are survivors of vegetable cancer. While preparing them i also managed to slice a worm into half. And then lost my appetite for the rest of the day. These are just some of the perks of being a haoswife.

Single ladies, THIS IS YOUR FUTURE, welcome to your worm-in-broccoli kitchen life.

If you find yourself stocking up Natto (fermented beans), you are probably ready to stay in Japan.

Two-Layered Rice (old fried rice topped with new white rice because of failed budget) topped with red shiso further topped with natto. According to my Japanese followers on Instagram this is probably one of the weirdest combination of toppings in the history of… rice topping.


Oden. The white radish will never, ever taste like the one sold in Japanese combini 🙁

1. Rice topped with natto

2. Nikujaga. Apparently the danna told me the path to a Japanese man’s heart is a bowl of good Nikujaga. In the end it was me who teared because i almost set fire to the kitchen. And the beef taste like yoga mat.


Spam Onigiri Hawaiian style. Only skill required is making sure the seaweed strip holds together.


Achievement Unlocked

This picture is like an award you paste on your working desk because after trying this the danna gave a big invisible APPROVE stamp.

I have finally unlocked the skill to cook an egg.

Tarako Pasta. I have  somehow sort of failed to cook it unsuccessfully somehow. I’m not sure if this will affect my credibility in #HowNotToCookDinner guide book.


I have also somehow managed to conjure up more than just frozen natto with frozen rice and instant powder soup.

Also my Japanese reader pointed out that there’s too much egg in this meal. (Tarako: egg, Tamagoyaki: egg, Shishamo: egg in belly)



Ok that’s all for now.





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