Going off to the airport soon and i have 10 mins to spare for a quick update! 😀

After 4 months i’m going to Tokyo again!

The last time i went it looked like this.

(With RinRin last Dec)


And then autumn passed, winter flew by and now it is sakura full bloom in Tokyo already.

Last year i was there and it was the most beautiful scene i’ve ever seen in my life so there and then i promised myself to go back every year.

But my timing is a bit off T_T. Apparently this is the earliest bloom in 10 years, and last winter has also been one of the coldest, so i actually expected the cherry blossom will delay.

Mana tau it’s the opposite because apparently once it turns warm from extreme coldness the sakura gets confused and starts to pop their heads up. -_-

No matter! I’m quite sure i will still get to see it so update soon! 😀

To get prepared for the mood, i also dyed my hair pink lol.

I call this Sakura color haha even though it totally isn’t, but shiok sendiri la.

Super pink fringe.

And this is how it looks!!

Will fade off to a light color though so Amy did a richer and more vivid color for now!


Super coincidentally, while doing my hair, RinRin texted me and said that she was also highlighting her hair pink (for sakura mood too lol), in the exact same salon but different country!!

Mine is at Number76 Bangsar by Amy and hers is Number76 Omotesando Tokyo by Dejima san.

It’s almost like some kind of cosmic arrangement for our next meet up.


Ok that’s all! Update again! ^^