Really cannot believe how lucky we are. The ISETAN X Foruchizu was a huge success, thanks to you guys :,-)

And this coming April, Foruchizu is going to collaborate with one of the top Japanese cosmetic brands…

jeng jeng jeng jeng…

(Oh i already gave it away in title zhor meh)

Shu Uemura.



Nice or not!!!!!

Since Aud didn’t want to reveal the full details so i dowan to spoil her market la HAHAHAH.

We have been working hard for this collaboration though. We also planned the entire concept shoot, and as you can see the new Shu Uemura spring theme is super romantic pastel princessy feel.

Another pic!

And for the shoot we have worked with One Way Studio! Actually the graphic is also done by them so they are awesome!


If you need any product shots, you can check out One Way Studio because they offer really, really affordable packages:


First 5 readers from Fourfeetnine or Cheeserland who mention the promo code onewayforuchizu will get 10% off.  Contact One Way Studio here.


Behind the scene:

*hint” hahaha


Foruchizu products, pastel and sweeeeet


Midori Princess and Sakura Princess

Moon Princess and Sea Princess

Make up by Shu Uemura, accessories from Foruchizu


Special eyelash also from Shu Uemura!


Hair done by Amy from Number76. She is now transfered to Bangsar branch so look for her there ^^


There will be new updates on Foruchizu!

Bobo is our model <3

Go to



Ok that’s all for today !

I will be away to Japan in 3 days time and freaking out now as usual because so much work i haven’t done! T___T  I am also very very nervous whether i could be in time for sakura full bloom because somehow the sakura decided to show their face extra early this year T___T. If not i will just see sakura on the ground la wtf.

The campaign will start 1st April and we are very excited about it, so stay tuned for more updates, very very soon!! 😀