In this post i’m showing you the things i bought in Japan! And introduce some of my fav Japanese fashion brand (besides EMODA) 😀

This could be a mini guide where and what you could shop when you go to Tokyo 😀


I also receive tons of bday gifts this trip it felt  like it was like a gift receiving trip wtf. April has to be my absolute favorite month of the year!!! So much pink and so much love!



Thought may as well include EMODA also 😛

That’s Yoshi, Ena, Takuma giving me a surprise bday dinner <3

That’s my bday presents Takuma and Nori chan (from Shibuya 109) picked for me. This summer’s trend for EMODA is lots of  pop-color floral prints, clear jewelry , mint color and set-up coordinates (matching two-piece).

High waisted stripe pants. i know there are many many many other cheaper brands/blogshop that sell similar stuff. But no other pants fit like EMODA’s i swear. Their pants make your legs look like god legs. You can never wear any other pants once you have worn EMODA’s.

EMODA’s new line:  EMODA conscious. Very feminine and elegant! Bought this white one-piece for only 3000+ yen T___T. Love all the collab with Vivi!

Also ordered lost of new stuff from the press room waiting for them to be delivered!

More update on EMODA soon!





Elianegigi is a brand under Choosy Chu, you can find it in Choosy Chu at Tokyo Plaza, Harajuku!

The brand concept is kinda in between mode X casual, the style is also a mix of Shibuhara girly.

Brand director Takahashi Nana (Nanayu) is only 23 yeard old T____T.

We get to know each other at Runway Channel party and the other day Nanayu met me to celebrate my bday in Shibuya!


And got me present toooooo


From Elianegigi!





lilLilly has just launched its first store in Harajuku! It’s near the end of Takeshita street and it’s super easy to find!

i LOOVE their clothes i brought Rinrin there we went super crazy over all the accessories! The style is rather harajuku and very girly cute, and the pricing is also slightly higher than most of the Shibuya style brands but the designs are super unique!

With Nanaco the producer and wearing LIL cap.

Ghost earrings 😀

These two skirts are my current fav!


My buy from lilLilly!




The shopping site is in English so it’s perfect for you!

FIG’s latest collection has been rather casual/grunge and super 90s.

With producer Alisa Ueno. She is soooo hardworking and talented and i love her so much <3

Very happy appeared in the same magazine with her on the cover this month!

Alisa DJed at X-Closet Fashion party! Was super fun

F&V cap

Bought these from F&V! And also few other items, will show coordinate next time!





The first time i went to TouchMe’s fashion show (Girl With Red Rouge), i was really blown away by GYDA on the runway.

I thought it was very unconventional, dark and sexy in a way that is very different from the other Japanese fashion brands.

This summer is all sexy white and sparkly!

I also met producer Yuria Kushido briefly last year, it was a short encounter so i didn’t have a very strong impression, but this time i have met Yuria again and found out that she really is the sweetest girl like everybody says.

She invited me to Reebok party and waited me outside while i was late T____T

And then went for a drink at the only bar open late at night. She is just super fun to hang out with.

Our Reebok shoes lol.

And then she ordered a surprise Happy Wedding cake T___T

She said she wanted to celebrate a lot earlier went she found out i was married but we only get to meet now.

And then she sent me a whole bag of GYDA stuff T____T


matching GYDA phone covers!


And her presents for me are ALL white because she says it’s a wedding gift T_____T

Thank you Yuria.



And that’s all! I cannot believe how nice these trend setters are. I always thought if you appear on magazines and stuff you are too famous to hang out with a random person like me. But they are reaaaaaaally the nicest people i’ve met and i’m so so lucky.

Make me really want to support their hardwork because i know how much effort they put into producing the trendiest, amazing fashion pieces.

Ok and now here are some random stuff i bought from Japan!


First of all it is sneaker and cap craze.

Sneakers from left: EMODA, Converse, Jouetie (not my size so i’m letting it go! Email me!!) , Reebok and Converse.

Caps from left: F&V, F&V, F&V and Reebok lol.


Also bought lots of Placenta/Collagen jelly! I super love these not only yummy they are also sooooo gooood for skin <3


Mini Panasonic facial shaver omg love this


The usual. lol


Majesty is a new magazine for ladies aged 25-35 (sigh.) , namely the Otona Gyaru!!! Chiji will be featured in the street snap column next issue! Update again 😀

Went to Doraemon Museum and souvenirs!

My number One fav ramen chain and they actually came up with Instant noodle, WHAT MORE IN TARAKO FLAVOR T______T

I’m also on a TANSAN (sparkling/carbonated) craze. Big boom in Japanese right now! All my facial foam/mask/face mist/bath salt are all TANSAN! 😀

Just. Cannot. Resist.

Lastly, Hakuna Mickeyron from Tokyo Disney.

It aslo comes in Lilac and Pink and i struggled for VERY VERY long which color to get , lilac was the cutest. But i thought i’d sick with Choco since my house is no more Liz Lisa style T___T.


Ok that’s all!

More update soon and i hope you liked this post 😀