Hello i’m home!! ^^

It’s been such a wonderful two weeks of all things pink so this post is a compilation of them all!

You can also read last year’s blog post about sakura and all things pink.

Anyway, this is the mission i set every year:


I feel so grateful and blessed every time i think about how i managed to catch so much blissful pinkness last year, and do it again this year.

Most of my friends in Tokyo were so busy with work (including the danna, and excluding RinRin, because it was spring break for her so she became my Hanami buddy for two whole weeks) that they didn’t even have time to sit down properly to sigh at the sight of falling pink petals, drinking, smiling and laughing with their loved ones. Catching an occasional glance of a blooming sakura tree was like a luxury for them.

Whereas all i and RinRin did was just went to ALL different sakura viewing spots almost every single day. I couldn’t have been any luckier. This is indeed the happiest time of my life.

For those of you who didn’t get to view cherry blossom this year, there’s always next! Or you can stare at my header and see sakura petals drift across the screen hahaha.

One of the rare sakura trees in the park that dresses itself in bright pink


White Strawberry (or pineberry) again this year! And that’s my sherbety nails (left)


RinRin’s pink  hair

My pink hair


Bought 4 Canmake cream cheek at once cuz i love it too much


Pink Minne bun from Disney


Pink tulip in Disneyland

Pink Kinuta park


Pink Hello Kitty eye lash glue


Pink Easter Bunny cake


Pink sakura carpet

Another pink carpet

Pink Sakura Miku


Pink fallen flowers


Pink below


Pink above

Pink at night

This is the type of sakura that you can see after all the pale white one has faded away. So you might still be in luck!


Pink meringue necklace



Pink sakura dessert plate

And thank you sakura.


See you next year. <3