I know.

Blame the jet lag. Or time difference. Or the weather. Or all.



What have i been up to? Europun.



I was in Paris earlier and it has been raining non stop. Whoever says Paris is romantic on a rainy day is inSeine.


But Eiffel deeply in love with this place.



I’m not gonna lye. This was not as good as i expected, al-dough i have tasted wurst.

Nothing beats a good bowl of Goulash when Hungary.




Does this look Familia to you?


It’Spain good fun so far in Barcelona.


Anyway, we have left and now we are in London.

We are gonna skip the Scandinavia, because there’s Norway we can survive the cold weather, although it would definitely Sweden the memory of this trip.

We will Finnish in England, and Denmark the end of this amazing honeymoon.