We have been away 3 weeks from home for now, and we are visiting 10 countries in Europe, not on really purpose. We didn’t know where we were going until we got internet connection to google. :X

Here are the of the countries we have been, by sequence.


1. THE START: Greece



2. Italy



3. Germany



4. Liechtenstein  (I’m not even sure if i spell it correctly but you’d probably not care)



5. Austria

We didn’t even know we are in the country until my telco company sent me a text saying WELCOME TO AUSTRIA!!!!

And excuse my lack of camho picture with the significant monuments except our lunch at a rest area in Tyrol.


6. Switzerland

(St. Moritz)


7. France



8. Spain



9. England


(Also this is the only picture of me outdoor, due to the non existent English summer weather.)

(You can spot a London bus in this picture. Have fun.)




(Sorry i don’t have a picture of the city i have not been yet. But soon.)



Which is your favorite country (if you have been), and which country would you like to visit the most (if you haven’t)?

In the next post i will do a short review of my personal experience with each of the cities i have been! The city with yummiest food, the most dangerous, the dirtiest, the friendliest, the best value for money, the most scenic, the most historic, etc etc. Can you guess them? 😀