Sorry for the lack of update.

As we left Santorini our lives have also turned to chaos since there’s no Amie (my wedding planner from Sunrise Greece who is more almighty than greek goddesses) to take care of everything anymore T__T

Actually back in Greece there was also super a lot of drama, my pocket wifi got delivered to the wrong place, our flight to Rome got cancelled because of a strike at the airport, but then i was just like, whatever, chill! Amie will fix it. And then the poor girl is running 24 hours sleepless to fix our shit.

Now everything is going crazy, the danna’s suit case lock got jammed,  my pocket wifi hit data limit in TWO DAYS and we have no hotels to stay the next day and there was no internet, and then we are spending hours and hours booking last minute train/bus/hotels omg. T____T

I miss Amie T___T

Anyway we have like, zero plan. We got to Rome from Athens, spent two days, and then jumped onto a train to Venice.

And now we don’t know where we are going next. But i like this.

My face.

In case you don’t remember anymore.




Ok that’s all i have to click “publish” before the internet dies on me!