I’m not a coffee drinker as the caffein makes me dizzy, but i’ve heard how caffein has become very popular ingredient in skin care over the years, in face creams, body scrubs, and fragrances.

The latest Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer contains caffein as one of its major ingredient.


If you are familiar with Origins, you will know that it is a all-natural skin care brand which products are formulated with certified organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils, at the same time commits to protecting the environment and also encourages recycling.

Went to Origins at Mid Valley Gardens, i was quite surprised to see such a natural-themed skin care brand to have lots of happy and fun colors!

Very festive!

I was introduced to many different products besides the usual skin care, and some are really interesting, like the “Peace of Mind”, which is an on-the-spot relief that has an intense aroma that takes away your tension and muscle tightness in an instant. I bought it for the danna as a stress reliever lol.

I also bought a lip balm, although a little pricey but it really moisturizes super chapped lips with just one application!

They also have a recycle bin for cosmetic empties, so you can bring your used bottles and tubs here for recycling, and contribute your part to the environment. ^^


And the hero!


All the packagings are also made from recycled or recyclable materials.

If you are naturalist and wants the purest goodness for your skin and at the same time feel good knowing that you are doing a part in protecting the environment, Origins is the perfect brand for you!

I was testing out the new GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer , featuring Panax Ginseng and Caffeine derived from coffee beans.

If you are tired of tired-looking skin, this moisturizer “wakes up” tired, dull skin and jumpstarts skin hydration level to create a healthy, vibrant glow.

Despite the two ingredients that carry a strong scent, i was very very surprised that it doesn’t smell like either one of them. It has a citrus, orangy scent!

What surprises me even more is the unique gel formula that is completely oil-free and super light weight. It feels almost like water, since it is aqua-based, once it touches your skin it immediately liquifies and get absorbed.

Other than that, it also gives a cooling sensation that is supposed to help awaken the senses.

The other ingredients in this moisturizer is Olive, Wheat abd Barley, which build a dewey barrier by replenishing moisture reserves.

It also contains several essential oils. Grapefruit Oil (oh now i know where the citrus scent comes from!!), which uplifting aroma provides clinically proven anti-irritancy benefits.

Spearmint Oil is known to encourage energy and Lemon Oil will help dispel mental fatigue and increase concentration and awareness.

It sounds like this is not just a normal moisturizer for the skin but it also is an instant mood-lifter with its aroma.

I’d recommend it as a morning cream, where it refreshes you to a wide-awake skin!

And for something that is 100% natural and organic, you’d be surprised at its affordable price: RM100 for a 50ml jar.

It will be available at all Origins Retail Stores ad department stores.


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1. What do you think of this GinZing moisturizer and why do you think you’d like it?

2. What is your personal pick-me-up quirks with natural ingredients?? (Mine is lemon, because i looooove sour and it awakes even a hibernating polar bear hahaha)

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