I’m sure every one of you have played the memory game!

I’m moderately bad at it because i have a memory of a Dory T__T

The moment i flip a new card i forget what the previous card is T___T.

I think there’s a few techniques to it, but i normally just random flip cards and i end up forgetting which one i flipped lol.


If you have superb memory, it is time you can put it to good use, and at the same time win yourself some prizes!

“Capital FM Reconnect” is a memory game on radio.

Meaning, you have to memorize things from the air, literally lol.


How it works:

You can download the grid box above from Capital FM’s website, where each of these boxes will only contain numbers, but they actually represent different amout of cash and varying aspirational prizes.

You will have to guess the correct memory combination in order to win. So the lucky caller through gets to turn over two boxes and tries to find a match. If you successfully match two tiles, you get to win the prize in the box!


Here’s some of the prizes that you could win.

1. Hypoxi – Body Firming Sessions

2. Kiehls Products worth RM1000

3. Belly Dancing Classes

4. Kayu Bag

5. 2 nights stay at Bukit Gambang Resort City

6. Hair makeover by Albert Nico


This Reconnect campaign on Capital FM runs from 6th May till 24th May 2013, 5 times a day! It happens twice a day on “Talk of the Town with Joanne and Xandria, twice a day on “The Jam Break with Debs and Non” and once a day on “Groove Down with Priscilia.”

At Talk of the Town with Joanne and Xandria on Thursday mornings, there’s a segment called Working Your Mojo, where personal life coach Zarina Zainal will share tips and guides on self-improvement.

Other than that, there are many segments that will inspire and empower women, because Capital FM88.9 is a radio stations for Malaysian woman!

So make sure you stay tuned to radio station Capital FM 88.9 and wait for your lucky turn to flip two boxes!


More info on Capital FM website!

And don’t forget to follow them on twitter too for more instant updates! @iAMCapitalFM