The beginning of our Weddingmoon!

In our Wedding package, a tour in Athens and 2 nights accommodation is included! I was so glad we went there because first, it gives us some time to get used to the new time zone, and second, you won’t want to miss Athens if you go to Greece!

The first thing we saw was the travel book in our pick-up limo from airport.

It’s the exact same color as the danna’s Greek hair.

From the roof top of our hotel in Athens.


It has a direct view of the Acropolis. I was like omg this is too awesome!! Of course, until i arrived in Santorini haha.

Roof top swimming pool.

From our room.

Without any delay Amie brought us to eat Greek food 😀

1. Greek salad

2. SAGANAKI!!!!!

3.&4 is like a Greek kebab thing. Omg i forgot the name of it. And saying “Greek Kebab” is as bad as calling Hanbok “The Korean Kimono”.

Anyway the lunch was super nice!!!

Love the alfresco dining in Athens


Antique flea market!!

Spotted polar bear in Athens.

And wall bear.

Many of you asked where i bought my bridal shoes. Answer is: everywhere!!!




This is the cheapest thing you can eat in Greece, called kolouri, it’s like a oil-free donut with lots of sesame lol. Normally they are like only 0.80 cents!!! These must have some special fillings haha


The best thing that happened in Athens was i received a free kolouri lol.

I was deciding if i should buy one to try, then the man just shoved one into my hand wtf. I thought he was trying to hard sell me his bread, but then he insisted he didn’t want my money wtf?

So if you go to Athens and see this man please help me say thank you to him. For making me like Greeks. And then see if you can get a free kolouri too.

Soldiers with lots of tassels


The next day!

Danna’s DIY sandwich. I have never seen anyone so greedy before wan. He put lettuce, cheese, ham, salami, bacon AND scramble egg into his sandwich -_-

And then it was our day tour to the Acropolis!

Panoramics from iPhone

With our day-tour guide arranged by SunriseGreece! And Parthenon at background.

It was a very hot day and the danna was super happy. Little did we know that the clothes we brought in the entire luggage will never see the sunlight again for the rest of our trip.

From Acropolis

That’s probably the first time i saw such majestic ancient ruins. Although we also saw the Colosseum, the Gaudi’s, the Pyramids, Stonehenge etc etc later in our trip, it’s hard to compare which is greater (or which is built by aliens and which is not), and it was just unbelievable.

My ability to appreciate old buildings has been unlocked at a noob level for the first time, here at the Acropolis.

Athens totally rocks.


And then meet Amie and our photographer (and his pretty girl friend) for lunch!

And then Amie had to stuff us with more Greek food again (our breakfast not even half digested yet)


Cat and his mockery.


And then guess what before we knew it it was eat time again.

Amie brought us to this trendy area in Athens called Kifissia, it’s like the Bukit Bintang in KL, except cooler and way cleaner. And vert atas.

She knows i love italian food so we went Italian.

And had laundry ham LOLOL.

I dunno why i was super amused by this

Super yummy!

Ok that’s the end of Athens! Wedding post up soon as Amie has just sent me all the pictures!!!!!