Haro, this is the first part of my Weddingmoon story in Santorini with the danna.

We have already had our wedding in Japan with his family, a small dinner in Seremban with my family, and then, third time’s the charm, we decided to have the third wedding in Santorini, just the two of us.

Sunrisegreece was our Weddingmoon planner/organizer, and Amie from the company have been talking to me for over half a year just to plan this wedding. Sometimes i feel that i am getting married to her wtf. Because we decide things together while the danna just has to show up at the wedding and do what he is told to do.

So, date was set, tickets were booked. Before the flight Amie also texted me a zombilion times to ask if everything was ok. I suspect she just worried about me having cold feet. On her.

And we had no idea where we were gonna stay!! Because apparently it was supposed to be a surprise. I was told specifically not to google the hotel.

So! We flew to Turkey, had a short layover and arrived at Athens!

Welcome gift by Amie!


And then we check in to our 5 star hotel that we didn’t know about lol.


And then we were ready for some touring around in Athens! (A separate post later on that)


Anyway this is Amie! Yea she is Greek! I also suspect some part of her is Japanese because she took care of us like one. There wasn’t a single thing we had to worry about during the entire trip, although quite a few mishaps took place. But i was just like, whatever. Amie will fix it while i sleep. 

And she did!!! Now i suspect she is actually Hercules.


We took a ferry from Athens to Santorini, and the first thing i thought when i arrived at the island was…


So this place is real.

I also quickly had a picture that actually contains me, in case people think use Google image.

Everything you see on Google image, exists. (Except Hercules. Because now he looks like Amie)

Spring time!

The sea is as blue as blue, and the houses are as white as white. Santorini even makes me sound like Sir Edmund Spencer.


And then we reached our secret hotel!!!

It’s a classic Santorini white dome cave style hotel. Don’t ask me the name and location because it’s very hidden and secretive lol.

With a view like this, who needs paintings.

Our room, looks quite romantic!!!

Whole house is immaculately white!

We unpacked the things needed for tomorrow!


We had some time to rest before dinner, but he danna was very anxious so he requested i let him practice hairstyle. (Yes he is my Wedding make up artist and hairstylist lol)

So he asked me, what kind of hair do you want?

I said, Greek Goddess.

He said, show me a picture.

So i google “Greek Goddess”.



Ok thank you Google.

Close enough??


So Amie dropped by and dragged us out for dinner. And it turned out to be my fav restaurant in Santorini!!! We ate there twice and both were amazing.

So for those of you who are not familiar with Greek food, no they have human food too.

Grilled vegs

Prawn pasta home made style!

And the Greek word i learned and used most frequently is SAGANAKI.

It means fried cheese. It also means you are an idiot if you go to Greece and left without eating it.



Look at those eyebags

With the owner of the restaurant.

I have decided i like Greek people.



And then sunset!!!

This was not the best sunset during our stay, because the perfect sunset is pastel pink purple!!!!! I don’t really like the golden orangey sunset.

More like this!


And again this is taken outside our hotel!!!


We also went shopping to hunt for the danna’s Wedding attire 

He didn’t have anything to wear that matches me. While i was gonna wear gladiator sandals, he brought leather shoes.

So we bought him a matching pair, and a €5 hat.


The Big Day!

Next morning.

We woke up like 5am by nature, partly because of jet lag, partly because it got bright really early in Europe now, and mostly we were just very excited not to waste time lol.

And then had breakfast with the best view i’ve ever had.

And i thought, so this is life.

I could not believe we were here! It looks like heaven!!!

Make up time 😀

Danna managed to fix my eyebag, and gave me an adapted version of Greek Goddess hair for the photoshoot.

After that we went back to change for the ceremony.


It was very casual, nothing was rushed because the weather was perfect (a tad windy you might not wanna have fringe), the schedule was planned perfect and i didn’t turn Bridezilla. I don’t think anyone will! Not in Santorini! Haha


Our wedding shoes.


Married to the floor wtf.


Fresh flowers in my head!


Ok that’s all! Part II will be about the ceremony, and more pictures! 😀


And for those of you who are thinking of getting married, congratulations, and you have picked Santorini as your wedding location, good choice!

After my blog post about our Weddingmoon, a lot of my readers sent in enquiries to Sunrisegreece. And to answer your questions once and for all, they have decided to make a trip down to Kuala Lumpur!

The presentation will be on
June 29th, from 18.30 – 22.00 in TEEQ restaurant, Roof Top, Level 8, Lot 10 Shopping Center. 
There will be goodie bags for couples attending as well as a free custom made bridal gown by Wedding Atelier upon signing up for any of the wedding packages. What a sweet deal!
Also i will be there to share my experience!!! 😀
See you then! For RSVP, please contact Sunrise Greece’s exclusive agent, Memoiresaboard in KL at info@memoiresaboard.com by June 19th.