So i want you think of this one person in this world whom you admire very much and would dream of meeting one day before you die. (Except me. Me doesn’t count.) (Joke. Sorry.)

You can also go to a new browser and google image this person.

And then now imagine him/her standing in front of you. In real life. Speaking to you.


That’s how i felt the night i met Nakata Yasutaka.


Except i hope you didn’t pick Audrey Hepburn or Elvis Presley. That would have been a bit creepy and that would not have correctly portrayed how i felt.

The first time i came to know Nakata Yasutaka’s music was 5 years ago, when i heard a song called “Sugarless Girl” by Capsule.

And this post i just want to hard-sell my music idol to you!!!

I also made a playlist that you can listen to *presses play*:


I have never heard anything like that. Back then Capsule sounded different. The earliest albums were sort of lounge/retro, but when i got to know them it was the peak of their electropop era (even now it has somewhat changed again).

I was hooked.

I never ever liked loud/club music. Ever. But Capsule unlocked a brand new auditory ability in me. The music was fresh, was addictive, was… surreal.


And then i also found out he is the producer of Capsule. And good looking as hell. And young (5 years ago he was my age). I followed every single album of Capsules after, and often dream of coming to Japan for Capsule’s concert. That was the dream of my life.

Nakata and vocalist Koshijima Toshiko (If you google her name my picture is the first on google image lolol)

Also, if you haven’t already known, he is also the producer for Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and MEG.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

MEG (less famous than the former two)

I didn’t like Perfume at first because i think all the three girls were extremely uncute (there are so many other cute girls!?). I also thought Kyary was horrbily plain if she isn’t made a Kyary, if you know what i mean! It was the people who “created” her made her such an incredible music idol. The people who dressed her up and the person who gave her her music.

But now i like all of them. (maybe this is 爱屋及乌 indeed lol.) I love Perfume and i LOVE Kyary, because she’s probably the only few music icons from Japan that’s internationally known by young generations, making Japan proud. I love her for that, and most of all, it’s also because of Nakata Yasutaka.

You don’t know how much i admire him!

Even just looking at his name 中田ヤスタカ makes me breathless.

Back in high school i had a huge crush on this boy, and i after school i would “accidentally” pass by his classroom just to sneakily stare at the duty roaster and find his name and feel high and intoxicated lolol. Like that also 爽 lolol.

I also like Capsule so much that when i don’t know what title to use for my blog post, i will randomly play a song from Capsule and use it for the blog title lolol. (Eventually i ran out of song titles wtf)



i was invited to this party in Japan, i brought RinRin with me. I didn’t know that Nakata Yasutaka was gonna play that night.

When i found out i was like


I almost wanted someone to pre-arrange an ambulance for me wtf. Just in case.

DJ line-up of the night include Misha Janette, DJ Yummy, FPM (Tanaka Tomoyuki), Daishi Dance. There was 4 different lounges and i die die stayed at the main room for Nakata Yasutaka who comes in 2:30AM.

And then there has to be a police raid at 2AM. Which is not common in Japan at all.

We were like this when it happened.

I was praying so hard that they let the party go on.

They did.

And a very very kind friend pulled me to the front right next to him because he knew how much i has been wishing for this.

Breathless lol.


The entire time i was struggling to pick between dancing crazy or just staring at him creepily  (it’s quite hard to do both at the same time). It’s difficult when it’s Nakata Yasutaka. Right in front of you.


(Face covered cuz we both looked horrible having sweated all make up off)


One of the many Kyary songs he played that night

And then the very very kind friend also helped me get backstage by pleading multiple times to the manager saying there’s a girl from Malaysia who really REALLY wants to meet Nakata san.

And then after many times of pleading they let me in.

Was chaos backstage cuz i guess everybody was happy. And tipsy. And i became the infamous crazy Malaysian girl who would die to meet Nakata san.


And then i really died.


I supposed when you met God it means that you are dead. And in heaven.

Everybody was teasing me and were snapping pictures, but i was so God-struck that for a moment i wanted to escape wtf. I couldn’t look at him in the eye and i couldn’t speak.

(They had to force me to take this picture with him. I don’t supposed when you met God you would request a picture together.)

He is known for not talking much, but i he made effort to talk to me for a bit, and then told his manager “We should go to Malaysia! Yes let’s go to Malaysia.”

So yea, if Nakata ever comes to Malaysia for live you know you owe me one.




1. Sugarless Girl – The first song of Capsule i heard

2. Tapping Beats – from one the latest Capsule albums

3. Glider – from one of the earliest Capsule albums

4. Meu Sonho – a Kaleido song remixed by Nakata Yasutaka, my fav fav fav fav remix ever!

5. Jelly – Capsule, cover by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

6. Furisodeshon – Capsule (love the MV!)

7. Spending all my time – Perfume

8. Mirai no Museum – Perfume (theme song for Doraemon movie)

9. Now Released – MEG

10. Dreamin dreamin – Capsule


Which is your favorite?

I love these songs so much i wanted them to be played at my funeral.