Hello i’m back home! 😀

Here are some coordinate pictures during my 2-week trip in Japan this July! It’s getting incredibly hot (as hot, if not hotter than Malaysia), and TV news says that it’s one of the hottest summers in years.

I also got tanner because i walked so much outdooe! It’s incredible how the Japanese people really put effort into saving energy, in our apartment the danna set the aircon at 26. But when i watched the TV, a survey says that most families in Japan set their aircon at 28C and above D: D: D:. Then the danna condemned me for always setting it at 19C in Malaysia lol.

What’s the aircon temperature in your house?


Anyway this time the pictures are taken all at diff location (my home work every day), instead of the same wall against a mirror lol.

Coordinate 1



Coordinate 2



Coordinate 3



Coordinate 4



Coordinate 5

Chiba seaside


Coordinate 6

Laforet Harajuku, with special guest RinRin.


Coordinate 7

Yoyogi. Makeover by RinRin lolol. I haven’t done Lolita in maybe 10 years and i have to say i cannot pull it off anymore lol


Coordinate 8



Coordinate 9

Mt Fuji. Daisy dress selected by Foruchizu!


Coordinate 10



Coordinate 11



Coordinate 12



Coordinate 13

Tsutaya, Shibuya


Let me know which kind of style is your taste!