So sorry for the big gap!

I have some free time now so i’ll catch up with the whole Weddingmoon post. Here’s one last entry i owe you all 😀

Most of the pictures here are unedited and all taken with iPhone, so you can enjoy the naked beauty of Santorini. I wish i got my Lumix GF6 earlier so i can take even more awesome pictures!

Again, the entire trip starting from Athens to Santorini was all planned and taken care by SunriseGreece.


Sunset after our photo session.





I’m really really amazed what iPhone can do. This picture is also totally unedited.



We went back home and there was surprises in our hotel room!



So the next day we had a champagne breakfast overlooking the Aegean Sea. Romantic enough? 😀

This is also one of my fav pictures. Can feel the calm and peacefulness every time i look at it.



After the Wedding day we moved over to another hotel in Pyrgos, where it has a completely different landscape. I personally prefer a sea view, but this one has a kick ass private pool that more than makes up for it.


A different view from our hotel.


Bath tub




The neighbourhood is very quiet, and has all the beautiful houses belong to the locals.



Pink house!! <3



This way for donkey



Greek lunch!



This is soooo good!



Some fried fish


And grilled fresh catch!


Went to Oia again for a real walk because the previous time was in a rush for photoshoot so we didn’t get to see much



One of the most popular location










This is where you can get closest to the sea. It is also where Lena in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants met her young lover.



We also went for a donkey ride which i really really enjoyed!!! When i posted on Instagram of course i get scolded for animal cruelty. But that’s a very common transportation in slopey landscape like that, just to clarify la! I didn’t kick the donkey or anything like that.



With Amie on donkeys. I miss donkey rides!!!



Just like in a story book





Going bak to our pool, had a after-wedding pool party haha. With our leftover cake.



Was a heated pool!!! Wen’t for a quick swim but was still too cold for me ><



After sunset





Room service 😀 😀 😀

Cannot get enough of Santorini seafood!



The next day is a cruise day! Had lunch before our mini excursion. Greek yogurt with olive oil, was soooo sooo good!



More seafood!



The mussle soup was so good i drank all of it



And cruise time!

I think it’s like a semi-private cruise for couples only, so it’s literally like love boats, everyone was either Just Married or on a honeymoon 😛

And!! I’ve never seen any boat so so so clean and white and beautiful!




It has the most handsome captain in the world T____T. Step aside, Jack Sparrow.



Some Greek men can be dangerously handsome :X



We love the cruise veyr much!

It was relaxing, 4 hours of chilling and BBQ on board, swim if you like.





I really didn’t plan to get wet because

1. I cannot swim T__T

2. Super cold

3. Open-water phobic wtf.


But then the highlight of the cruise is actually this volcanic hot spring around one of the small islands, and all the people jumped off the boat  -_-

And then i was half coaxed half dragged into the sea -_____-



But was quite fun! First time get so near a volcanic hot spring




Panoramic shot



That’s our videographer filming the sunset


This is actually sunrise the next day.

And then we left Santorini for Rome. ^^