It all sounds so wrong that i cannot even begin to explain myself. I’m sorry in advance, Italian Jesus.

So Rome was the first city we visited after Greece.

The danna was very excited because he thought he might run into the Pope and i was just too excited to talk to everyone because i thought i knew how to speak Italian (CIAO PIZZA PASTA!!! Mama mia Ferrari!!)  

But more than anything i wanted to know what Elizabeth Gilbert’s EAT is all about. (I had a mini experience in Venice a couple of years ago.)

When we finally settled down in our overpriced, horribly small hotel room with a passionately unenthusiastic receptionist (no really, he was so focused on being cold and standoffish to his guests), we were tired and grumpy and terrified.

What you see here is ALL OF IT.emo1

What a massive downgrade from all the sea-view-private-pool-villas-with-champaign-breakfast-and-24-hour-Hercules-butler we experienced in Greece. (Hercules Butler was Amie.)

I took a quick search on the internet and found this restaurant nearby our place for dinner (i honestly don’t remember what is the name of the restaurant but it’s near Termini station).

We had mussels in soup.


We had a seafood risotto.



We also had pasta Vongole.


Even the spagetti tasted different. Its al-dente perfection was not even it, but there was this… texture to it that i never tasted before.


I looked at the danna in shock, “Holy cheese. Is this “normal standard” of food here in Rome?”

He agreed, that it was also the best mussel soup, risotto and pasta vongole he’s ever had in his life (given Italian food quality in Japan is so high). And i have also decided on the spot to not cook pasta for the rest of my life as it will be an insult to this impeccability.

We left the place super happy, content and very, very, very excited for the rest of our meals in Italy.





Except that we were wrong.

We maxed out of luck on the first night. All of it. Allllllllllll the way until we reached Barcelona about two weeks later. And the rest of the food in Italy was so meh that i felt i’ve just broken up with my one true love and that i’ll never fall in love again. You know that feeling???

So anyway, the entire month in Europe we had zero plan. That sort of was our plan. To plan nothing. Which is why Jesus cannot really blame me for wearing a zombie on my head when i visited him.

So i thought we were gonna eat pizzas and gelatos the whole day but the danna loves to visit churches and all that so we went to San Pietro in Vatican city.

We arrived and i suddenly realized there was a zombie on my head, which was kind of rudely inappropriate, (or rudely appropriate, depends on which side of Jesus you’re on), since you know how they say Jesus technically makes the first zombie when he rose from his death, so in a way it’s like calling him his nick name back home and act as if you are his best friend, which ironically is probably what he wish you do, so the whole thing was just very confusing to me.

Anyway remember how we had maxed our luck out on first day?

The next day, the danna’s luggage case DECIDED TO CHANGE THE COMBINATION ON ITS OWN like it has grown a brain.

We had to take it to a luggage shop and that’s the Chihuahua they own.


When we went to the Colosseum, my first thought was, “神圣的乳酪啊,罗马的队不是一天可以排完的。” (Holy Cheese, you can’t finish a Roman queue in one day).

So yeap. I came, i saw, i camhoed.


San Pietro. Where i sincerely apologized to Jesus.

I took the hat off but now it just looked like i was trying to hide a zombie from Jesus. Which may or may not make it worse.

View from above




Vatican city

Night scene

Oh and you thought Jesus zombie is bad?

The danna purposely misspell Jesus’s name on his body! Who’s the evil now huh!

(Ok turned out it just means “I went to Kitsune college”, so i am still the bad guy.)

Meh Porcini spagetti.

Meh carbonara



Another highly ranked restaurant but meh-ish too.


Off to Venice in a train.


I was very, very sad that i had to leave Rome without having anything that could outshine the first meal. It was my cinderella.

I will always remember that night…


And i live hungrily ever after T___T