So i was back in Japan for a very short 3 days! Not even enough to warm Japanese toilet seats wtf. Eh wait. They are already warm.

It was also the first time i traveled to Japan without the danna. It was such a strange feeling. I was very very happy to be back, and when i left the airport i felt sad as usual, but more than sad i also felt super happy to be back cuz i miss him so much wtf. It was all very confusing lol.

I had to play an amateur tour guide for the work team because i was the only one who can speak Japanese. And now i think maybe i can just quit blogging and show people around Tokyo for a living, cuz turned out it was such and easy job. Everybody seemed to enjoy the food of a random restaurant i picked! It’s most of the time hit-and-hit lol.

We had:

Randomly picked an Izakaya around our hotel.

1. Soft bone pork curry with egg

2. Yakisoba

3. Yakitori, the green thing is called Shishitou, it’s a kind of Japanese green pepper and I LOVE IT

4. Tsukune dipped in egg yolk


A random ramen shop in Shibuya. Everybody loooooooves this! Meat was so soft it melts in your mouth and the soup is the kao-est i’ve had so far.


Went to another Izakaya chain store called Hokkaido!

Only available in summer, Hokkaido white corn!

(Blogged about it last year HERE.)


Hokkaido Melon.


Another random cafe. We were so tired walking so we just walked into the nearest cafe. It’s a family restaurant called Jonathan’s.

The danna and i normally avoid family restaurant at all cost, because they are very averagely very average at average. It’s like fast food la, they cannot be bad, but you know that they are unlikely crazy yummy either. We’d rather hipsterly explore individual small cafes and restaurants.

But but but!!!

This Jonathan’s is now running Foie Gras promotion omgggggg. (It even has a DOUBLE FOIE GRAS STEAK) A hamburg topped with seared foie gras at 990 yen (about RM30+)!!!

And i was thinking the quality must be not so good la, but the foie gras tasted just like those RM80 foie gras T___T. I hope they still have this when i go back next!!!!!!!


Muscat jelly dessert at Jonathan’s also.


Kuro Kuma shaved ice


With Yuria! At Shinjuku LUMINE EST, as she just opened a new GYDA shop there!!






I know that all of you have many questions regarding Japan, and i received emails every day asking me where to do what. Honestly it’s a little difficult for me to reply one by one answering so many questions. My apology if you feel angry why this Cheesie never reply email wtf.

So if you have any now, you can leave a comment in this post, or i’ll compile them and answer in the next post or something, so other people who wants to know can read too. Sharing is caring!!!


Shoot la.