Normally i don’t do food post but this is JAPAN!!!!!

Here are some of the yummiest things i ate while i am here. Every time i take a bite the first thing i say to the kareshi is “ii na nihon ii na ii na~” (means Japan is awesome lolol and i sound like an ambulance HAHAHHA) and then i wonder how can Japanese people survive anywhere else when their standard of nom is so high. I mean if i live here all my life i probably cannot get used to eating anything else. T___T. The ratio of good food to bad food is like 1:0 lol. There’s no such thing as bad food. Mediocre food is considered bad food lol.


First of all their Starbuckses have this yummy fruit juice! I can’t drink coffee so there’s basically nothing i like in Starbucks but this is awesome!



And then today i had the best French toast in… Japan (i don’t dare to say world)

I don’t understand!! I hate French toast because all my life the toasts i ate were all dough deep fried and if you squeeze it like a sponge you can have an oil bath wtf.

But not this toast. This toast, is soft, creamy, fluffy, and… i dunno. I feel like i have been lied to all my life. Or the French are liars.




Yoshinoya Negishio Don

Malaysia Yoshinoya Y U NO HAVE ANYMORE!!! Oh i know why, because you sucked.

Yoshinoya is like the best thing for poor #foreveralone people. Only like 300 yen (RM12) you get awesome meal and most of the people there are foreveralone as well nobody will bother you or give you that questioning stare why you are eating alone.



Sanma sashimi!

Is the in season fish nao!!!




I also love it that most of the food has calorie count on it. Not that i mind but wtf, 8kcal for a dish???




Mentaiko Ochatuke

Which to the kareshi’s standard is very meh borderline horrible. But i lovedddddd it. I’m starting to feel that i have very inferior tastebuds T__T




Clockwise: half-raw chicken (again), half-raw cow liver (cuz raw liver is banned now in Japan), yakitori, and pig womb WTF.




Uni sushi.

After eating this i felt like i have been lied to all my life again. By Rakuzen and Sushi Tei etc etc etc… T__T




Super awesome sushi shop near our place. The bottom right is Anago Shirayaki (grilled white eel) IS WAS SO GOOD OMG?



Freshness Burger awesome as always




Humongous prawn and Shirasu Don


And Yaki hamaguri

This is my favorite!!!



Sakura Ebi, Mentaiko, Cheese & Mochi Monjyayaki. Like Okonomiyaki but Tokyo style.



Dinner with Ena! We went for sushi <3



She ate all her favorite sushi first, while i left all the best one for last and had a hard time deciding the sequence hahahah it was almost like judging a fish award wtf.

Then i realized it might have something to do with family upbringing la cuz people who have stronger siblings probably eat the best things first if not it will be eaten hahaha.

While I…. am left with ALL the food ever given to me. I’m the only child T__T . Want someone fight with me also no have O.O



There was also this HOKKAIDO FAIR in ISETAN Shinjuku and omggggg T___T

Sirloin steak rice bowl and Hanasaki Crabstick Tempura rice bowl omggggg



Were super full but still forced ourselves to queue for the most famous Ramen in Hokkaido which is  calledSUMIRE omgggggg



After that summore had ice cream. Not just ANY ice cream, but Hokkaido Shiroi Koibito (White Lover) white chocolate ice cream omgggggggg




Summore tapaoed uni bento for the next day’s surfing trip omggggg





White sweet corn! Have you seen one before? it’s also Hokkaido’s specialty but apparently very rare!!!

And it is to be eaten raw too.

When i took a bite i was literally like WTF?!



Right after this photo i had to wipe my chin because it was so juicy it dripped.

And it was indeed the sweetest corn i’ve ever eaten in my life. Almost like candy sweet. Sugar cane sweet wtf.




Ladybird dessert from NALU cafe OMOTESANDO!



Also i passed by Laduree in Shinjuky, i didn’t know there was one here in Japan!!!! Supposedly like the best macarons in the world la. I tried the one in London and France. But generally i just think that macarons are overrated.



And to be fair i’m also not a dessert person. But this. Was just too cute T___T.




Bought one home!!


Ok that’s all! Leaving home in a few days T__T. Sad but happy too because this trip had been so super awesome, and i’m coming back again next month lolol so yea.

Update again!