Weddingmoon journey continues.

To pick up where i left off, we unsuccessfully built a zombie empire in Venice, so we left Italy and headed to Germany on a train.

From Venice.

I have blogged about night trains earlier.

Train dinner party lol. Lots of ham, squeezed-flat tramezzini, wine and Pringles.

We relaxed slowly in a moving train and did research on the next city we were gonna visit. And maybe booked our hotel. (Yes it was that last minute.)

And then the train will wake you up some time between 5 or 6am, an hour before reaching your destination.

You also get to catch some beautiful country scenery.

(You probably want to keep sleeping until they kick you out but i was very fascinated. I can be quite a morning person when traveling. It is the kiasu genes. See ALL the sunrises!!!)

Breakfast in bed lol.



We arrived in Munich in the morning.

I must say that Germany is one of my favorite countries in Europe!! While Rome is historical, Venice is exotic (and a potential zombie zoo), Paris is (arguably) romantic, London is… well, Malaysian, and all that, we relaxed the most in German cities.

It’s probably due to the fact that places we visited in Germany are less touristy (or Germany is just very very big), so it felt safe, people are super nice, they give no bullshit, nobody is trying to cheat you or anything. And people speak English. And that for us was a super nice change of pace, after being paranoid about our livers being scraped out after a glass of wine and  being suspicious of everyone around us.

The better thing was…

A car.

We completely blew our budget on this ride (and worry about $ later on.) (The danna die die wanted to Schumacher a Porsche just once in his life, but it was way way way way way out of our budget. He was whining for the rest of our Weddingmoon trip that his dream didn’t come true wtf.)

Which means there would be no hauling two 20KG luggages alllllllll the way to the train platform, get up get down and then allllllllll the way to your hotel 35468KM away.


It was nice to be holding the steering for the first time since we left home. Except the steering was on the opposite side. And we almost killed ourselves 50 times.

I love road trip!!!! Except the driving part.

So the danna was in charged of not fucking up the steering and getting both of us killed, and i was in charged of the maps, (bad split of tasks. I am not someone who can be entrusted with allowed tasks. At all.), and the GPS was all “schüßschwerschörcht, bitte”, and i was like “ICH KANT SPEAK GERMAN!!!” and sat there and panicked. *throws hands up*

We just landed ourselves in Germany and we had absolutely no idea where we should go or even worse how.

So i just anyhow pressed any button i could find on the menu and the car was suddenly like “Hallo! Guten tag!” and i was like holy shit is this car talking to me?


“Erm, haro. Good… tag?” i replied, hesitant.

“How may i help you? 🙂 ” spoke the car cheerfully. The car was female. She spoke perfect English. You can hear the smiley in her tone.

“Uhm… wow this is the standard of German cars nowadays?! Anyway, i… need to go somewhere.”

“Certainly, where would you like to go, maam? I can set the direction in your GPS.”

You can do that?? Wow. Okay we want to go to this place called Marrien…pra….zzzttttcht?”

“I have just set Marienplatz as the destination in your GPS, maam. I will also see if there’s any available parking lot for you. Have a nice day!”

“Thanks, … car.”


I turned to the danna sparkly eyes and was all like GERMAN CARS ARE AWESOME and he was like, ” *roll eyes* It is called the BMW call service center. It is normal.”

And went on to explain how Toyota in Japan is the same, you can call to ask about the quickest route, or ask for any help during accidents and stuff like that. But i was too excited.

“Why do we even need GPS anymore!!!!! I’ll just call BMW Girl and go hey! We wanna eat the best sausages BRING US TO THE BEST SAUSAGES, or like hi we sort of ran out of things to do can you recommend something fun? Or like SING US A GERMAN LULLABY. Oh my god she will be my best friend. Who even needs Lonely Planet anymore?? Seriously!”

The danna was however not as enthusiastic as me, he was just like i’m quite sure that’s not how it works.

And then i wasn’t allowed to talk to the BMW girl anymore.


But yea, we did drive to Marienplatz, found a nice parking and went for breakfast.



I’m not gonna lye. This was not super good, al-dough I have tasted wurst.



And then we took a 1 hour drive to Füssen, (without the help of cheery BMW girl) to see the Neuschchtchtwanstcheinncht castle.


Apparently Cinderella and other assorted princesses also lived there before.

Except only in fairy tales. In real life it looks like this.

And the Cinderella wore Converse and looked kind of generically Asian. Boo.


Up close


Like that. I’m sorry if i have ruined fairy tales for you. It’s not you. It’s me.

From afar it was kind of nice though.



We drove another two hours or so to Liechschtenschshctein.


And took picture at its only supiciously-touristy-looking building in the entire country. Turns out it was the government’s building or something. If government buildings are touristy, this must be helluva fun country.

Also unsuccessfully obtained any touristy information because it was closed.

The surroundings were beautiful though. We started to see snow mountains.


We were quite satisfied that we have conquered two cities and one extra country in just half a day, we decided to not break our world tour streak and headed straight to St Moritz, Switzerland.

The roads were getting narrower and windier.

The journey seemed to go on forever, it got mistier and thus more mysterious, and darker.

And then it started to rain and the danna got really sleepy and it was all his fault because i was not allowed to call BMW girl and ask her what people do when they get sleepy while driving.

And then more snow mountains after snow mountains appeared and we started to consider we might want to freak out and think we were gonna freeze to death in the middle of the alps.

Until the mountains actually appeared right next to us and it started snowing. Now we properly freaked out and pretty much knew we were gonna die, and it would be totally the danna’s fault because the BMW girl couldn’t receive our SOS.

On second thought German cars are not that smart after all, if they can’t tell when the drivers are dying. I’d vote for Toyota.

We died. Under the Swiss cheese-color moonlight.


St Moritz

No la. We reached our guesthouse and snuggled up to each other like hamsters to stop ourselves dying from cold. Swiss blankets were very thin.

And then the next day i gobbled up whatever Swiss cheese available in the breakfast buffet in hope that they will convert into body heat. Emmentally i felt better.

And non of the food in this picture was warm T____T

Except coffee and tea. But only for like 5 seconds so that didn’t count.



But soon i was very excited to explore St Moritz city, i didn’t expect to see any snow in the summer!


Strawbie tart in cafe


Well at least hot chocolate is actually hot.



I’m sorry this is taken by iPhone but if i had a kick-ass camera i would have been selling posters on the internet.


Sit at lake pose


Fart at lake pose.

(Was pretty sure was just patting wet grass off my butt)


Pretend artistic pic




It felt like there was only the two of us in the entire city, surrounded by random butterflies and a couple of ducks.


Finally spotted some rare humans and dogs and horses. That sounds just about Switzerland. If you throw in some cows too.

This doggy’s the most adorable dog!!

Grass is a bit greener on this side??


We also spent a long time watching a duck couple building their house for future family. Property in Switzerland isn’t easy.


Picked up stick one by one and put it on the stack. Bringing home the bacon. Or worm. Quite sure ducklings don’t consume bacons.




We relaxed a couple more hours, jumped back into car and continued our journey to…. somewhere else.


Occasionally stopped by to take picture of flowers (the danna) and myself (myself).

Or flowers and myself.


Austria (?)


I believe we also passed by Austria during one of our breaks at the rest area. I was too embarrassed to ask the staff or visitors which country i was in now. I just sort of deduced that this picture was taken in Austria because my network service provider told me, “Welcome to Austria”. Thanks.


One thing i didn’t like so much about Europe was paid toilet.

During our visit to a Church the both of us 急尿 (urgently need to go toilet) until almost leak wtf.

And then the only available toilet was locked. Coin locked.

We were so desperate we would pay 10 euro just to release the fluid BUT THE TOILET ASKED FOR 2X 10CENTS.

We only had one. And other assorted coins that were NOT 10 cents. And we were the only human available at the area. (Hint to you Germans out there: You should train your horses and shepherds to man cash registers.)

I prayed that we would just find 1X 10cent coin and both of us would to in together but alas we didn’t find any. I also tried chanting open sesame but maybe German doors didn’t understand English. Which was weird.

Of course i have also considered pushing the door very hard while pretending to be tipsy but we hardly had any drinks for lunch. (Scroll up, it says drunken push.)

We couldn’t find any beer either.


And i hate metal toilet seats. IN WINTER. (It’s technically summer then but i’m Malaysian. so it’s winter everywhere else.)

When i posted this on Twitter everyone was like OH MY GOD YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SIT ON IT. Like i have just told everyone i ate lego for lunch.

And i was like… i am not supposed to sit on a toilet seat that is made for the butt to be rested on?

Then again it was made metal. So, touché.


The end.




Guys you mean like this?

When it comes to not sitting on a toilet seat that’s meant for butt to be rested on.

Man i have already mastered the mid-air kungfu squat before i even knew it. I just have this kind of natural flair. Thank you guys. I was born Chinese for a reason: to conquer metal toilet seat.

Achievement: Unlocked.