Earlier, i blogged about the beginner guide in Tokyo for all fashion lovers.

This time around, it’s a more advanced guide for people who want to explore more about Japan from a fashion angle, if you are already all familiar with all the favorite fashion shopping spots!


Tokyo is of course my favorite city in the world, and as someone who loves fashion, almost all aspects of life in Tokyo is related to fashion. Here are some of the fashion related events!


1. Halloween

As Halloween is just around the corner, you can see everyone is already gearing up for the spooky day. Donki is stocking up Halloween costumes and make up tools, while restaurants are starting to roll out their cute Halloween recipe!

The entire Tokyo is in costumes!

RinRin and i last year.

RinRin’s Halloween nails this year.

Baskin Robin’s Halloween ice cream.

Mister Donut’s Halloween Kitty.

It is a big crazy fashion event! Don’t miss it out if you happen to be in Japan in October.



2. Fashion Collections

Of course, what is Tokyo without fashion shows? Some of the most popular fashion events are TGC (Tokyo Girls Collection), Girls Award, Vivi Fashion Nights, touchMe, big and small scale, you name it!!

You just have to pay attention to fashion websites and magazines to see what’s happening during your visit there. If you’re in luck, you get to visit one for free too! During the last week of my stay there’s a Harajuku Kawaii Festival all around Harajuku. All your fav Harajuku fashion icons were there, including Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

The one i managed to catch this trip was Girls Award!

Team GYDA.

With Cherry Girl.

Vivi X EMODA stage, with Triendl Reina.

Fujii Lena wearing EMODA.

Itano Tomomi performing live. And of course some of your favorite Korean pop singers were also there!



3. Fashion Parties (clubs)

There are countless of fashion parties going on, held by brands or magazines, like F.A.D by MURUA and also Majesty Japan parties. Of course you also get to see your fav DJs perform. (hint hint hint Nakata Yasutaka).

The hottest club in Tokyo now is of course Sound Museum Vision. Every single fashion party seems to be held there. Most of the parties are open to public. Cover fee is about 2000 yen.

Majesty Japan party! With model Nanba Saki.

And blogger/model Yuri.

Majesty Japan party again!

Remember Marina who was a contestant in Kawaii Of The World (by Tokyo Kawaii TV)? She is now a popular DJ and is performing in all the hottest clubs!


The pair Marina&Laula.


4. Fashion Parties (store)

Apart from night clubs, there are also some music X fashion events held in the fashion store for fashion launches, anniversaries etc.

This is X-closet event where Alisa was DJing.

You also get to meet lots and lots of fashion people and models!

With Izuoka Misaki.


5. Concerts

Concerts are big fashion event too!

The one i went was m-flo’s Tour 2013 Neven.

The collaborated fashion brand was GYDA.


Team GYDA! You can spot the gyaru models from gyaru magazines hehehe.

To be honest wasn’t really my kind of music but was fun! Dancers are all wearing GYDA.

Yuria <3



6. Fashion Exhibitions

Fashion exhibitions are usually held after a major fashion shows, where fashionistas and models have a sneak peek of the latest trends from their fav brands and fashion buyers go order the next season’s hit items.

I’ve had the honor to go to a few, and met some of my fav fashion producers.

Nana from Elianegigi.

Yui from MerryJenny.


Ena from EMODA.


Momoko from MURUA


Yuria from GYDA.

There’s where i get to order items they designed for the next season and delivered usually 1-2 months after.


7. Fashion Snaps

Another reason why you should ALWAYS be fashionable (and maybe walk over and over again along Omotesando and Harajuku) in Tokyo is…

That’s one of the methods how aspiring models get scouted and be featured in snap sites and fashion magazines!

You probably can’t be a model if you don’t stay in Japan, but it’s still fun and flattered to get picked and featured!



That’s all for this time!!


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Have fun!