So i am in Japan now! Again!

I really didn’t expect Halloween to be so widely celebrated in Japan!


So i was just walking around with the kareshi at Roppongi last night, and.


Half the population in Tokyo was dressed up in Halloween costumes LIKE IT’S A DISNEY FREAKING CITY!

I couldn’t believe what i saw and was like whoaaa and omg and sugoi all the time like i went to  Disney the first tim ==


Oh, just some humans.


Which reminded me when i was in Time Square New York few days ago

Where i got extorted by Mickey and Minnie wtf.


Which turned out to be big fat fakes WTF

I innocently thought there was some Disney event going on so i went and take a picture with fake Minnie then fake Mickey came along and after this picture the fake Minnie was like, “one dollar please!”

I got a shock and briefly wondered if they were kidding.

Then i took out one dollar, gave to fake Minnie and asked her to share with Mickey wtf.


I don’t think i am ever allowed to enter America ever again.



Back to Tokyo.

more humans


Best Halloween costume ever. Bugger summore shooting laser beams at me wtf.



FOC too summore happily high five pose for me please.



And then got Human In A Pizza, half zombie and Fat Man.

Then OMG super coincidentally bumped into Nao chan from EMODA after the fashion show she promptly turned into a Snow White!



I am so happy can! Everyone put in so much effort to dress up and look good omg when i looked at them i was like, nah, i’m too old for this shit.

But then today i met up with RinRin the Lolita model i met during Kawaii International, we both bought a Halloween costume within like 10 mins of shopping lolol.


Update again soon!