Ok so most of you were right. It was Shirako. 白子。Literally, “White Child”.


So yea i had no idea what it was, it doesn’t look very glorified despite the deco effort but i was game for anything.

So i took a bite.


It was smooth, and had this soft cream cheese texture, bursting with a distinct aroma. Akin that of a piece of glorious foie gras.

It was gooooooooooood.

“So what’s this?” i asked Omatsu san.

He looked at me with an effort to contain a smile, and then he said,

“This is Shirako. It’s like the opposite of Mentaiko.”


It took me a minute to figure that out.

And then i almost gagged in my mouth.

I didn’t touch the rest of the plate.


So, Shirako is fish ball. Literally. I mean fish’s balls. Milt.

Mentaiko is technically the ovary of fish containing millions of unborn baby fish, to put it cruelly. Shirako is male fish genitalia. Containing millions and millions of aquatic sperm.

So i was swallowing fishtesticles (of cod. Not whale. There’s no such thing as whale sperm delicacy. You all are talking about Sperm Whale. Which is actually, a whale.)  and sucking its sperms dry.

I felt sorry for myself.



So my Japanese friends knew about my virgin experience with male fish genitalia and for some reason it was very amusing to them, to the point Junna booked this restaurant again because “Hey! It’s Season of Sperm!! Chiji celebration!!”

It was like my anniversary of Sperm Swallowing. Commemorated by swallowing more new Sperm of the Year.

So of course she ordered it and was like, “this is for you! I had to get them to reserve this!”

I was like T___T and said, “ok i’ll only take like one biiiiiit.”

So i did.

And shit me. It was good. I relaxed and took another one.

It was addictive. I finished the whole plate.

Who would have thought. Sigh. That i would become a sperm addict.