I cannot stress enough how much i love oden!!!

The day i arrived in Japan (end of September) was also the day the convenient stores started to introduce Oden again, due to the sudden weather change!

And then Family Mart was having an Oden sales!!!! All items only 70 yen!


Among all convenient stores, I love Family Mart the most (and Lawson, because they have the most variety of stuff), because it just has the best oden.



I bought a drink from Family Mart and at the cashier, the shop staff smiley-ly asked, “would you like some free nugget?

I was like what?

“Chicken Nugget!! We are giving it out for free today! Would you like some?” she said, still smiley.


Excuse me what kind of question is that!!


Ok fine. Maybe she dunno i’m Malaysian.

Yes. Malaysians always want free chicken nugget. ANYTIME.


Ok back to oden.

Which is your fav?


And then my standard breakfast/supper in Japan is always…


A few Oden, a sandwich, and (not in this picture) a beauty drink (BB Chocola/Collagen etc etc) or Yogurt or Yakult! Hehe


Not only that. When peckish in the afternoon, you can also buy Oden from the nearest combini and then sit at a park. It is the bestbestbestbest thing in winter.


And then one day i thought, hey, since i came alllll the way to Japan, i may as well eat the BEST Oden in the entire Japan!!

I started googling a little, and guess what?

There’s a Michelin Star (1) Oden Restaurant in Tokyo. It would be the Mother Of Oden, y’all.

And the pricing wasn’t all too bad. It was about RM200+ per person for a standard course. I mean, how expensive can Oden be!!!

I excitedly booked the restaurant just the night before we had to come back to KL. Luxurious last supper lol.


The name is Azabu Ichigo, and it’s a small restaurant that resembles more like a bar counter.

Starter. I really love how Japan has this seasonal feel to all their food. In autumn they have all the autumny seaonal fish/fruits/vegetables, little deco and even a change of tableware to bring out the whole atmosphere.

Look at the little maple leaf! In Tokyo they were nowhere to be found yet, so it must have been imported from northern Japan or something. The danna said it’s a good business! Collecting maples, sakura petals, etc etc and sell it to restaurants. Effort, people, effort.

Ok so i thought how can oden be RM200+?? If you order from the combini it’s probably just like RM40 max if you take a whole bowlful of stuff.


So they also have sashimi, grilled fish and all!

Capsicum sushi cup is too cute. The mushy stuff on the side is Uni (sea urchin).


Of course when it comes to Oden, Daikon (radish) is the representative.

Daikon is my fav fav fav Oden item, and it was like eating the king of all Daikon. All the prices of Oden in this restaurant is about 3X more expensive than your regular convenient stores, i was really excited to find out what the difference is!!!


I took a bite.


It was the softest Daikon i’ve ever had in my life. Seriously just melted in my mouth. And the interesting part is that it seemed to have zero fiber (you know the stringy texture when you bite into boil radish?). Michelin star radish, this one.


Suji (beef tendon), this one is the danna’s fav.

Was also super super super soft!




Fried Mochi in soup.


And the winner was….

Half boiled egg.

Was the most beautiful Oden egg ever. Normally Oden eggs have yellowish powdery yolk because they are simmered in the soup base for a long long time.

But this egg was amazing. Not only had it fully absorbed the dashi (soup stock), it also has melty egg yolk!!!!!

And it also cost RM12 hahahha.

Ok the end.


I’d say the oden was really really really good, but for some reason i still like good old convenience store Oden.

You get what i mean? It’s like eating going to a 3 Michelin Star for Char Kuey Teow, but in the end Lorong Selamat is still best. Like that lo.




Of course we went for sushi. Every season will have seasonal fresh fish!

Sushi at Ginza! The Yakult team brought us to this restaurant, and all Malaysians loooooved it, including Muslim friends. I was super surprised that everyone cleaned their plate to the last bit! Cuz sushi is quite acquired taste especially there are many fish you’ve never even seen before. Even i don’t like certain kind of fish. It was a good lunch.

You’d be surprised!!! It’s very very affordable given the quality! The all-salmon plate was something like RM25, and the one at the bottom was like RM60+.

Even Rakuzen also cannot get this price lo.

With overflowing ikura summore lolol.




Monzushi is my fav sushi place, unless you are willing to go on a little subway venture, this place is not a usual tourist place! And quite very expensive. But top-notch sushi.

Hokkaido oyster.

I never ever ever liked oysters (until i went to Tasmania and it changed me hahaha). The Japanese oyster always has a very unsual texture! Instead of a tangy, fibery texture, it was soooooo creamy.

And assorted seasonal fish.


Uni uni uni i love you.


Ikura was sooooo gooooooood




Guess what this is?











The first time i had it was maybe a year ago, in the same restaurant. It was only available around this season. My friend Omatsu san ordered it, and as you all know i’m game for anything when it comes to Japanese food. Hey i’ve eaten live sobbing squid eye ball, what can be worse?!

But i was wrong. It was indeed, the grossest thing i’ve eaten thus far.




The answer will be revealed in the next post lolol.