Hello! While you all are spoilt for choice when it comes to online shopping sites, i am now going to add yet another one to your list.

Nile.com.my is a Malaysian online shopping portal where it carries goods from books to fashion to accessories to household goods, so what makes it different from the many other shopping sites that you have heard?

It guarantees the LOWEST PRICE in town, and all their products are protected by their Low Price Guarantee. If you have made a purchase and found it cheaper at another website, Nile.com.my will match the price, or refund you the difference. How about that as a plus for shopping at Nile.com.my!

Another merit point for this shopping site is that unlike most of the online shopping portals who are doing pre-order or only order from supplier after customers place an order, all items in Nile.com.my are ready stock in their warehouse, which means you get what you order immediately!

So i was browsing through it and did some shopping .

Even for apparel, the prices are really incredibly low! Starting from RM5 (?!?!?!) to about RM70. I had quite a shock at how cheap the items are, and realized that some of the items are also available at random blogshops thats sell them at maybe double or even triple the price.

The ordering process is as simple as it gets, and if you stay around Klang Valley, bonus point for you. You can have an option to have it delivered to your house, COD (Cash On Delivery), so you don’t even have to fuss through the whole online payment system.

If you stay outside Klang Valley? Have it delivered to you by courier and get free shipping if your purchase more than RM99.


So for me i picked COD.

All i need to do is just wait at home for my shopping to be delivered to my doorstep.


And then, in less than 24 hours, the Nile delivery guy appeared right outside my apartment.

Carrying my shopping.

(i had to make him pose lolol)

It was really the fastest delivery ever. Receive your goods, THEN pay.


Anyway, my shopping arrived safely in simple Nile.com.my plastic bags. Not bundled in glossy gift wrappers and fancy ribbons, because guys, we all know those add up into the final price you pay. Simple and no frills, that’s why the price can afford to stay so low.

These are my shopping!

I bought a book. I like this guy cuz he believes in aliens.

Physics of the Future : How Science Will Shape Human RM40.60


Black Boots RM33.30 (!!!!!!!)

To be honest, i was a little worried about the quality when i saw the price tags. But surprisingly, i would say that the quality is quite average blogshop standard (who sell them like double at least), and this pair of suede boots was really worth way more than RM33.30. There’s felt inner lining and it’s totally comfortable to walk in!

Bracelet RM3.90 (!!)

This is really the cheapest accessory i’ve ever bought lol.


Some coordinate pictures!

Leather Cinch denim vest dress with belt RM58.80

Summer Design Thin Non-denim Dress RM44.90


Drawstring hooded long-sleeved dress RM26.70

Also i’m wearing the black boots i mentioned earlier.


Checkered Round Neck Sleeveless vest Dress RM45.50

Red shoulder bag: RM38.80


Classical Lace Dress RM66.60

Laced heels RM39.90

White bag RM38.50


Amazed yet?

Anyway if you are still worried about low price = low quality, be assured that Nile.com.my has a 7 Day Return Policy. Should you feel not satisfy with the products you’ve bought for whatever reason, you can return them back and they provide 100% refund.

Guaranteed lowest price, guaranteed satisfaction, there’s no reason not to shop now!

Go to nile.com.my and order away!

Of course, check out their updates too on their FB page.