I have written about RainbowColor cosmetic lens a long time ago, but if you have used it before or are looking for good quality and safe cosmetic color lenses with power, the good news is that now RainbowColor has launched 5 new colors!

They are all new variants of the previously available color, and now you have more choices to pick the ones you like!

Allow me to explain again that RainbowColor is produced by GEO made in Korea, and it is a 3-month disposable contact lenses.

I will introduce one by one.



On Cheesie:

This is similar to the previous Earth Brown, with less red in it and more vivid brown hues, so it provides a really natural feel to it and less reptile-like compared to Earth Brown. It is a new favorite!



On Cheesie:

Like dark chocolate, this is deeper, with obvious black limbal ring to make your eyes appear bigger. It’s a very safe color and great for everyday use!




On Cheesie:

For those of you who loves a dramatic effect, this is perfect. It has a really cool tone to it, and it makes your eyes the star focus on the whole make up look. Love to pair this with mode-style coordinates.



On Cheesie:

Previous Sky-Blue color is very clear blue that might make you look overly dolly due to its light color. Ocean blue is a lot darker and more subtle, if you want to add a little sparks to your eyes while remaining natural.



On Cheesie:

Lastly, Macaon Pink is actually more of a reddish lens with light limbal ring, so far the most special color. This is for the daring and bold, and of course all the fun occasions! Fancy a gothic make that makes you slightly vampirish to stand out from that party? Make sure you keep one pair for the time as you’ll never know when you need it!



Of course, the good news is that there’s a buy 3 free 1 promotion going on at Tokyoninki.com, the normal price for each pair of lenses is RM58, and if you go for this promotion, every pair is only at RM43.50.

The plano versions are also available at SASA outlets.

The powered lenses all come in limited stock, so order yours now quick!

Also!!! Key in “CHEESIE5” at check out to get a further RM5 of the new colors, just for Cheeserland readers!!

Go oder at Tokyoninki.com!