This is one of the most intimate blog posts i’ve ever written. In a way. Cuz you all always say i don’t show the danna’s picture right?

Right. Today i’m going to show the pictures of the sole of his foot. Up close.

Hey that’s quite a privilege ok! I don’t think many people in this world have seen them, even i don’t get to see them all the time lol.


Ok fine.

He refused to let me post pictures of his feet cuz they were very horrible. Too bad.

But i had to write a review for Baby Foot and he reluctantly agreed to be the subject of my blog post for once.

Ok la we do it together.



I’m sure by now you guys have come across at least a type of foot mask that promises smooth and baby-like soles after using?

I have used a few myself, but this is the first time i tried Baby Foot. I have seen it around in Japan, i just didn’t get to buy it and it wasn’t available in Malaysia.

The danna always always wanted to try one of these masks cuz he blamed Malaysia for making his feet coarse wtf, and eventually he bought one in Malaysia (probably some third grade made-in-who-knows-where one), and totally didn’t see any result. He was quite angry and said foot masks are all con jobs lol.


I can’t believe i only found out now, but Baby Foot is the original foot mask, conceptualized in Japan since 1997, when nobody has even heard of such thing before.

And then of course more competitors came along, and as with all creative and awesome Japanese innovations, there are bound to be “imitations” (think Yakult, think think). I don’t want to say which brand la, but they anyhow put some Japanese Katagana on it pretending it’s from Japan like that, even i got convinced at one point. You all make good judgement yourself please!!!!!



So! Not only it has received multiple awards in Japan and is the no.1 seller on Rakuten and etc etc, it also has two improvements now!!

1. It comes in different sizes. M and L. Normally used as a guide for female and male foot size. Better fit now!

2. Shortened wear time: 30 mins. In the past you always have to wear these icky cold wet socks for two hours. Even though you are mobile and free to walk around, there are a lot of limitation of what you can do. Example, you can’t jump on the bed for two hours lol. Now only 30 minutes, making it more convenient!!


Product is also made in Japan and imported all the way from Japan.

It also uses 17 types of natural extracts , so be assured it’s safe and gentle for you!



The real experience.

So this is my original sole of foot la. Nothing significantly disturbing or problematic, but i could get rid of those dead skin.

No pic of danna’s original foot cuz it’s so jialat he was too embarrassed by them. (He should be.)

So i prepared two pairs, M size for myself and L size for the danna.

I love how it comes with stickers for you to freely tape it around to make it fit your feet the best. I also like that it’s higher and thicker than some other brands i have used so it doesn’t spill easily and gives you better movement!

Bonding time lol.

We watched a movie together and actually we left it on more than 30 mins la. After that just take them off, rinsed off, wiped dry and went to bed.


The next day, nothing happened.

The next next day, nothing happened. The danna was getting impatient and he asked me is the product reliable or it is something wrong with his feet why never work on him lol.

The next next next day.

After the danna went to work, the whole. freaking. floor. had these bits of… stuff. I had to mop twice to get them all off.

And he turned into a snake.


But for me, nothing happened still.

After one more day, mine started to have a “mild response”.

Cheh so little.

On the fifth day it started to peel for real.


Now for some reason if you want to steal my identity and be me, you may want to save the pic below.

Enlarge, do some jigsaw puzzle work and now you have my foot print/finger print.  You can now steal my new iPhone and pretend to be me. You can also read me my fortune if you want (only the good bits).


Anyway, did i mention that the peeling process is very, very shiok and addictive wtf. So you must refrain from peeling them manually cuz you are supposed to let the skin come off by itself. (i must admit i hand itchy peel off many many many of them though :X)

But if you absolutely cannot tahan the loose dangling pieces of skin on your soles, my tip is to soak your feet in warm water (or take a shower!), and then put lots of moisturizing lotion, and give it a gentle rub. All the dead skin will come off without you using force.



Ok result???

It took one whole week for us respectively complete the peeling process. And the danna was very, very happy with his new feet.

It’s slightly pinkish just like a new born baby. And sooooo smooth.


As for me, it’s the usual la. My feet always quite nice wan hahahahahha.


Ok that’s all!

You can purchase Baby Foot from all Malaysia SASA outlets, as well as .

The usual price is RM54.90, and now until end of the year (31st Dec), you buy two pairs for only RM90!!! (RM48.90) per pair. Also, specially for you all, another RM5 off your Baby Foot! Just key in “CHEESIEBABYFOOT” when you check out. You can use this separately from the RainbowColor contact lens coupon ( “CHEESIE5“) if you wanna purchase the color lens too. Very worth it la!!

Go go go!