I’m back to Japan!!

I have no idea why but each year i come back it gets even colder. This December is so cold  i cannot wear anything less than 2 layers of Uniqlo heat tech, a sweater and the thickest down in the closet. At the rate the climate is fucking us up like this, 5 years later Malaysia will start snowing.

From the plane at the airport. Was raining 6am in the morning T___T

My moko moko Daiso socks.

Selection of outers in our closet. We are forever wearing only our respective warmest one.



Also, do you know what are the most blissful three things in winter?

1. Oden

2. Hot pot.

3. Warm toilet seat.

I rank the number 3 the champion of all blissfulness in winter.


BUT  our apartment this time comes with no toilet seat warmer nor bidet system. I cringe every time time i need to pee T________T


Some streets in Tokyo is still looking quite autumny. And illuminations are set up everywhere. And WINTER SALES.

Can’t wait!!


Ok that’s all. This doesn’t really count as a blog post but i’ll update again!
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