It was May last year 

I also created a new category Weddingmoon to keep track of the journey.

We started: Greece > Italy > Germany/Switzerland >France > to be continued.


To pick up where i left off, we boarded a train from Frankfurt and arrived Paris at night.

An overview about Paris: I went there for the first time 7 years ago, and i didn’t really like it for various reasons, so i wasn’t too enthusiastic about it when we planned our Weddingmoon itinerary. But the danna was like no we are going to Paris so ok he had a point since Paris to Japanese people is like Tokyo to me. Fine.

7 years later, Paris was still one of cities i enjoyed the least in the entire Weddingmoon :X. But to be fair, it was much, MUCH better than when i went there the previous time. People were friendlier, our English didn’t get ignored, and service was actually not that bad at all.

It was just that for some reason, Paris is the smelliest city i’ve ever been wtf. The irony considering all the glorious Parfum (was that the reason of the invention omg?!) and culinary goodness you expect to get a pleasant whiff of everywhere–ala Ratatouille. None of the metro stations in Paris didn’t smell like rotten pee wtf.


Anyway, we got off the station starving, so we went for the only restaurant near our hotel that was still open at 10PM, which was a cafe serving French food. And i actually mean “French food”.

“Steak tartare” and “onion soup”. The closest to describe how it tasted is probably like eating an anyhow “Penang Fried Kuay Teow” on an Air Asia flight. Can imagine??

What we learnt in Europe was that, if you didn’t do any prior research to dining and simply try your luck by walking into a random restaurant, you may as well eat your Nissin Cup Noodle.


Stayed in a really really quite sad hotel (as most other options are economically prohibited), but at least there was breakfast.


There was some lilac-colored blooms everywhere it’s almost like Paris’s sakura! It was quite pretty 😀

Mickey lol.


And so the first mission of the day was actually to do our laundry as we were sort of hitting the limit of recycling our clothes wtf. Took us forever to find one T___T. And when we found one, we had zero idea how to get the machines work T___T.

There was no one around to help, everything was in French.

In the end i had to emergency-text a friend who understands French and send pictures for translation 

Now i understand how you all feel in Tokyo. I don’t blame you.

Mc Cafe Paris. Let the macarons take over your life!


So next we wanted to visit the fake Tokyo tower the magnificent original Eiffel, so we asked a French lady how we should get there. She was really friendly, and told us to take the metro and get down at “Pillar Came To A Fell“.

I was like… okay that’s a strange name for a station. They want to rival the London Bridge and see which collapses first or what.

So we started looking for Pillar Came To A Fell station AND TOTALLY COULD NOT FIND IT.


Pillar Came To A Fell is spelt as Bir-Hakeim Tour Eiffel in French. Very well. French people.


The magnificent Pillar Came To A Fell.


No don’t fall pls.


Well there you go, tourist Mickey.


Every time i go to Europe i am extremely jealous at the fruits they have 🙁



So after the tragic “French Food” i was asking my followers to recommend some real edible food! And a lot of them named “Au Petit Sud-Ouest”, which i remembered Aud also recommended to me when she went to Paris for her babymoon. So it can’t be that wrong! See i trust you all ah!! 😀

We took a long walk from Eiffel to it and i was so horrified that it would be closed or full or have to line up for 3 hours cuz i was insanely starving and if i had to eat at some other random place again i was gonna stab someone with a fork.

But we got a seat easily! So this fork is bloodless. And as most of the reviews described, the service was excellent!

It’s kinda like an all-duck place so if you don’t like poultry or are over-sympathetic about geese and their insides, you probably want to close this page and go google “Why macarons have no feet” to divert your attention.




Glad you stayed.

Because the pictures you are going to witness below contributed to one of the Top 3 best meals we’ve had in our entire Weddingmoon. (One was the little Italian restaurant in Rome, another one was in Barcelona, you will read about it soon. Or not so soon. Or never.)

So right, the last time i had foie gras in Paris i was extremely disappointed. I may as well lick expired peanut butter from a tub. But everyone recommended the liver here, so we had it, the foie gras natural with just salt. Didn’t look too appealing but it was a TASTE FROM ANOTHER WORLD WTF. ( Maybe i just kampung and have never eaten foie gras this way.)

There was a Japanese lady diner sitting alone next to us, she was very kind and politely advised us to toast our bread (every table came with a toaster, we didn’t realize!), and spread the foie gras on the hot toast.

天啊 it melted like butter and it was taste from another galaxy lol.

Surprisingly the seared foie gras with truffle could not even rival the buttery foie gras on toast given that it totally doesn’t look any less delicious :X

Salad with smoked duck.

My duck dish, which was quite yummy but i was so overwhelmed by the potatoes! It was… very very crisp and super fluffy inside and more like a potato puff!!

Danna looooooved his duck confit to bits.


Not a dessert person but since everything was going so well what’s the harm for an extra creme brulee!

I thought it was really good but the danna said it was the best in his life (considering he worked in a restaurant before and have tasted hundreds of different variants). I think he just had too many glasses of wine.


To the point he had to vandalize the napkin…


To prove a point lolol.

I really hardly see him so satisfied and happy so all the Parisian smelliness and other mediocreness was all worth it. And that was our best moment in Paris lol.

To be continued though!