And… other cities which i can’t remember now.

No shit, you all. It’s not even half a year yet and i can’t even recall where i went in Germany. I’m totally the type of person who goes, hey, remember that trip to Europe? Was it our honeymoon or something? Anyway, we went to this quaint little city in… Germany or Italy, wait maybe France… Ok Italy, i think, so we had this… something we ate that was SO. GOOD. Damn, what was it? Man it was the best meal ever!! That was really fun, wasn’t it? Huh… wait. What do you mean it wasn’t you on the trip? Oh crap.



That’s the whole point of traveling. To forget things, y’all. And to post shit on Instagram. Now i know why we upload pictures everyday onto phone apps. Thanksalot, Instagram.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures i took of stuff that i have partially forgotten. And Rothenburg, this town i actually remembered. In Germany. I’m sure it’s Germany.


So you can read the last post on Germany here. About me scandalizing German toilets.

So after Switzerland (Or Austria, whatever), we continued our journey back to Germany.

Fine. The guy with the giant arm says it is Austria. And that’s not how you spell Scotch, Austrians.

Oh and i was wearing a wig. (Not really.)

And then we went on the “Romantische Straße” journey, literally the “Romantic Road”, 350 kilometres of highway from Füssen to Würzburg commercialized to conquer pretend-romantic couples like us.  What’s special about it? Well, after you have taken the “Romantische Straße” , you are officially romantisch. In German, of course.


And this was probably the most romantic meal we’ve had in the entire country. The rest of the time we pretty much survived on salted rocks, really. (The German somehow call them “Pretzels”.)

So we discovered a small town deli in a German small town i have already forgotten. Fatty pork with lavishly fatty sauce and carb-laden potato, meatloaf, hamburg, God, even the pretzel tasted less rocky and more pretzelly, ALL FOR €8. It was the cheapest meal we’ve had in the entire Europe so far that didn’t consist of just Pringles and a Red Bull. God bless Germany.


I am pretty sure i would have licked the plate if the deli owner wasn’t staring at us.

That, you guys, is what you call a romantic meal.


This is slightly less romantic.

So we drove along the Romantic Driveway, occasionally stopping by to inhale some weed. Hey, you are in Europe, man. Do whatever you want.

Smell them like this. I wasn’t particularly impressed.

And these.

No idea what’s the big deal about weed.

And then we arrived in this town that pretends to be Rothenburg but is not.

Ok it’s called Nördlinge, sorry. I googled. Anyway ok whatever, they are pretending to be each other.


Initially we also had a hard time differentiating Rothenburg and Rottenburg. And i decided that the former sounds less nasty and probably smells better.


So we arrived in Rothenburg. The better Rottenburg. Or pretend-Nördlinge. To be honest i can’t really tell the difference.



For all you know, it could be Italy. It’s really hard to guess these days.

Anyway, Rothenburg kicks ass, because it’s like freaking Disneyland, except you don’t have to pay to get into it, and they don’t scare you with people in weird suits walking around and speed trains in the sky.



It has freaking Teddy Museums full of german teddy bears, you all.


Even dogs go shop for teddys.


It also has a freaking Christmas museum, you all. I’m convinced the Germans invented Christmas.

I love this place because the Germans understand that Christmas is a year long event.

House? Hotel?

They also have breadzels shops all over.

And this rock thing…


That looks like food for vegetarian zombies and taste freaking good.


And then food for the non-vegetarian and non-zombie.




And then more teddy shops.

And then more fairy-tale stuff shops.



And then that’s all. We continued our journey to another town. Maybe Wurzburg. The Germans like to burg a lot of things.

A little bit of burg here, a little bit of burg there.

And then we spent the night in a guesthouse. And went out for a drink. The danna had a German beer obviously and i had a wine.

And it was the best wine i’ve had in my life and it cost like €5.

And i was like holy shit this tastes delischious, where ist the wine from?!

The bartender/owner looked insulted and was like Are you kidding? Of course Germany!

Who would have thought, who would have thought. Never judge a wine by its country.


The next day.

My free Haribo from our guest house.


Breakfast from guesthouse.


And then we toured around the city.


And was freaking cold.


And we bought the largest strawberries for like €3.


And… that’s all.


Well, to think about it, it was actually an Anti-Romantic-Road journey (pretty much like anti-clockwise), because we actually started from the end and headed to the beginning, Wurzburg being our last stop. Yea, but that works for us too. We are offcially Antiromantisch.


In the end we had to drive all the way up to Frankfurt because we had to go to Paris.

And that’s when we said goodbye to what we loved and will miss the most in Germany.

And its BMW girl. Obviously.


We headed towards the Bahnhof Rathaus (doesn’t rally contain any rats), and bought our train tickets to Paris.

And had our last German meal.

Which was horrible.

And then the danna and i both agreed that that was way too horrible to be a last meal in any city, so we bought this.

Which was, kind of marginally slightly less horrbile a last meal. And kind of German.

I mean, what do you expect from a German train stations where strange people don’t really eat their food, but walk around carrying gigantic latte and croissant over their heads?

True story.


But they give you flowers. For free. So it’s not that bad.


Finally, we boarded our train, and said goodbye to good old Germany and find our way to Paris, which was, to put it simply, olfactorarily interesting. More on that in future posts!

Meanwhile i also spent a lot of time cursing my Tep Wireless device. Obviously.