Haven’t updated on EMODA coordinates in awhile!

When i knew that i got pregnant and was getting bigger everyday, i thought i was gonna give up my favorite clothes forever and start shopping at maternity shops and wear typical empire waist line big floral dresses T___T.

Every few other days there would be a few favorite bottoms i was shocked to discover i could no longer fit in anymore, and i did panic and think, how am i gonna survive the next 6 months or so?!?!

But then i remembered Ena was pregnant too and throughout her entire pregnancy she looked fabulous as usual. I was very puzzled and amazed at the same time how anyone can look SO good pregnant so i stalked her Instagram and downloaded all her pregnant coordinates and studied them one by one lol.

To be honest EMODA’s sizes are quite small and i still didn’t get how she managed to fit into tight skirts at 9-month pregnant.

So i asked her (since she is almost the exact same size as me). And my fashion idol gave me this super useful tip i am forever grateful for (if i ever get pregnant again):

She cuts the rubber band of an S size bottom with a pair of scissors.

Since M/L size have bigger width and longer length, if it fits your growing tummy, it’s not gonna look flattering on your other body parts, so she didn’t like that and stick to an S size cutting and make it fit by just expanding the waistline.

How genius!!!! Sasuga EMODA producer. I never thought of that! And thought i had to give up all my fav bottoms forever!!


Also very very luckily, the season’s (Autumn Winter 2013) theme was Buddy Closet, which most of the items are oversized/boyish cut, and anyone could easily fit in them!

So here are 10 of my EMODA coordinates for the past month while my belly is growing!

Coordinate 1

Top, skirt, low-heeled bootie, chain bag and iPhone case all from EMODA.


Coordinate 2

Cut Bulky Bandana: EMODA

Buddy Devoted Bulky Trainer Dress: EMODA

Bulky Sneaker in Blue: EMODA

I LOVE this pair of sneaker because there’s expandable rubber at the side for easy-slip-in, so you will never have to adjust your shoes lace. Perfect for lazy people like me XD


Coordinate 3

Quilted A-Line Skirt: EMODA

There’s also a flowery version here.


Coordinate 4

 Dolman Corset One Piece: EMODA

White backpack & sneakers: EMODA

This dress is also my super fav because the material is just so so comfy and the cutting is very flattering!


Coordinate 5

Dress, clutch and watch: EMODA


Coordinate 6

Monotone floral dress & tote bag: EMODA


Coordinate 7

Concious U Cut Fit Flare Dress: EMODA


Coordinate 8

Rib Straight Dress in red: EMODA

This one was for CNY hehe.


Coordinate 9

Dress, enamel bag, leather bandana and bulky sandal from EMODA. Obviously also a CNY coordinate!


Coordinate 10

White top, black high-waisted skirt & sneakers from EMODA.


And what’s more exciting, you guys are gonna LOVE the Spring Summer collection. The theme is “Pin Up Lady”, and here’s some concept visuals:


Iconic lemon-print sweater

Pastel pink checked items.

(Remember the EMODA TouchMe SS14 Collection? Fun fact: Ena’s baby was born on that day, and i discovered that i was having a baby the day after the event. ^^)


When i went to the SS exhibition i wanted everything!!!

Unfortunately (for me only) the season’s collection is mostly body-conscious tight-fitting so i could only drool over them T__T. Although i did order some pastel cardigans and loose one-pieces for myself!

Here’s a Spring Summer collection of mine taken while i was still able to fit in the gorgeous EMODA outfits in my 4th month:


Check out EMODA Global for the new arrivals!!!

Most of the outfits i posted here are also on SALEEEEEEEE! Grab them before they are gone!!

Also lastly, don’t forget to check out EMODA GLOBAL FB Page for EMODA coodinate pictures, latest news and and sales info, all in English!