So the danna and i are spending two weeks in Australia as we come here annually in February mainly for surfing (him) and relaxing (me).

The first night we arrived in Brisbane, we checked in to a motel near the airport where we spent 30 minutes murdering mosquitoes on the ceiling. (After that we had to wear our shoes in the room as it was quite hard to walk around without accidentally stepping on insect corpses.)

The second day, we drove to Gold Coast and checked into one of the best accommodations during our trip so far: QT Gold Coast Hotel at Surfer’s Paradise. We only planned on staying a night in Surfer’s Paradise but the room was so awesome we decided to extend another night!

Our hotel.


View from our hotel room.


The room was sleek, clean and spacious, with lots of cute nuances that brought smiles to my face.

First of all we were greeted by a very sweet gift, literally. Everything on the board was edible, including the eraser that stuck the pen to the board.

The ruler says “Bet You Can’t Eat Just One Inch”. I tried. They were right. XD

The entire hotel has this modern mix retro theme, a mixture of nostalgic surfer chic (antique car with old surfboards on the roofs) meets Miami swim catwalk (the  cute pin-up girl in even cuter retro swimwear).

The entire setting gives a very playful mood indeed as everything screams fun.


You can also ask for fresh lemonade ingredients to be sent straight up to your room.


The iconic pin-up girl images are everywhere! She even appeared in the elevator.

Every day’s weather, surf and event information at the lobby.


Did i mention about lemonade yet?

GT Gold Coast has the BEST lemonade, for free!!! All hotel guests get to enjoy fizzy lemon soda or ice lemon tea at the lobby. The danna loooooved it. We had at least 5 glasses each during our stay there XD

From just a few minute’s walk away, there’s the beach, of course. And by car you can easily access other parts of Gold Coast too. We drove to Burleigh Beach, which was overlooking Surfer’s Paradise’s cityscape.

Danna’s first surf.

And at night we retired back to super comfy bed for a good night rest.

When i posted pictures of the hotel on Instagram, there are a few readers from Australia who recommended the restaurant in QT Gold Coast, Bazaar, for dinner. We didn’t have a chance to dine there but if so many people recommended it, it must be good!

Also, during our stay, i was very surprised to see that most guest who come to the hotel dressed up all glam and pretty (for the club, for events or they are just simply fashionable).

If you are around Gold Coast end of May this year, you also won’t want to miss the QT Fashion Week and Awards 2014!

More information can be found here!

If you are looking for some luxurious fun and love fashion, QT Gold Coast is the best hotel choice when you visit Gold Coast.






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