Did i mention that i love EMODA Spring collection yet???

Pinup Lady is really the cutest collection so far! And it is so so in season because gingham retro look is super hot right now.



Who wouldn’t love this!!! Just looking at this made me fall in love. ♡_♡

Some of the EMODA magazine coordinate, available on EMODA Global site for your reference!


I am so so excited for their upcoming EMODA X Marilyn Monroe special collaboration. There are cherry prints, lots of yummy cherry red and it’s just really sexy, which is so rare coming from EMODA!


This is also one of my favorite combination.

And here’s also my own version of the coordinate, snapshots from JRunway magazine:

This top is available now on the webstore!!!

I bet it will sell out in like 5 seconds so go grab before it’s gone!!

Matching botanical print skirt.

Navy Dress is available here.

Sandals available here.



And of course since i am in Tokyo…

EMODA at Shibuya 109!

At first i was shocked that i couldn’t find the store at 4F because…

They had a store renewal and have moved to 3F!!! So when you come to Tokyo, remember that it is now at 3F, with a much bigger space. Apparently they are doing so well they needed to expand the store !!! 😀 SO happy for them!

Rina the pinup girl.

Also, if you go shopping now, it comes with a super cute citrus printed paper bag!!! *keeps*

Rina, Ange, me and also i brought RinRin along, who is really rare since she is super Harajuku style.




Here are some of the coordinate pictures of mine so far in Tokyo.

Coordinate 1

Disney collabo knit top, black skirt, blue sneakers, canvas shopping bag, all EMODA.



Coordinate 2

Hairband, Devoted dress top, grey skirt and blue sneakers, all from EMODA.


Coordinate 3

Open skin message one piece, leggings, hairband, earrings all from EMODA.



Coordinate 4

EMODA Conscious dress, white pumps all from EMODA.

Also… i was using the pink lipstick from EMODA cosmetic, and necklace also EMODA.



Coordinate 5

Prevu Set Up in ice blue, Botanical print tote bag and blue socks, all from EMODA.


Shell drop earrings from EMODA. Available in silver too!


Coordinate 6

Lace raglan trainer in pink, white skirt, pink socks and shoes all from EMODA.

Acessories all from EMODA.


That’s all for now!!!

I still have new clothes i haven’t even worn yet, so follow me Instagram for coordinate updates! XD


Also and for yourself, shop your heart out at

 EMODA Global 

Have fun!!!