Quick update!

Sakura is coming to full bloom starting today in Tokyo!



I want to do this every year.

Every place i go where there’s sakura, people always slow down and stop by, whip out their phone, take pictures after pictures, sighing to each other how beautiful it is as if they see it for the first time in their life.

The power of sakura.

All my friends who are coming to Tokyo soon are getting super nervous about whether they could catch the full bloom in time or not. Indeed it is really unpredictable and fragile! It makes a big difference if you just miss it by a week, or have rainy/windy day.

But that’s how sakura taught me to take every single day seriously (or this week at least lol), and fully appreciate the beauty of each passing day. I only hope i can always remember this and practice it as often as i can, especially during those time i can’t wait for a day to end.

Thank you sakura.


And…… You should be here too!!! 😀