Here are some of the coordinate pictures for the past 2 months!

It gets increasingly challenging as i can barely fit in any of my usual bottoms now, and i’m not so much a bump-showing person (hide it ALLLLL while you still can!!!) so expectedly most of my outfits are getting baggier and looser as i grow bigger XD

So here are some coordinate shots from between 17 weeks until 25 weeks now, pretty much in chronological order: ♡

(In some pictures i was wearing crazy high heels but that’s for sponsored shot purposes only so relaxxxxxx :D)


Coordinate 1




Coordinate 2


Coordinate 3


Coordinate 4


Coordinate 5


Coordinate 6


Coordinate 7


Coordinate 8



Coordinate 9


Coordinate 10


Coordinate 11


Coordinate 12


Coordinate 13


Coordinate 14


Coordinate 15


Coordinate 16



Coordinate 17



Let me know your favorite! 😀


(You weren’t even looking, you were just scrolling and sharing at my belly weren’t you??? GOTCHA!!! Haha… In real life it’s probably much bigger than it looks in photos though, Angles, people, angles.)




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