Awhile ago i talked about all the useful household items you should have in your home, and today i’m adding one more, to your kitchen, and it is the newest Sharp Plasmacluster Dual Swing Door Fridge.

So what’s so special about this fridge!!

Let’s take a look at a video first where i did a very amateur virtual tour of the fridge.

Finished watching??

Let’s summarize the points!!

Dual Swing Door

I think this is a genius idea!! (And i have no idea how it is done, it’s really like magic to me.) Ever bought a piece of furniture back home to only realized that the direction is wrong?! With the door open from both sides, you can place your fridge anywhere and it fits any kind of kitchen layout!

Also, you guys, the door is never gonna break. Just check out this video:

Trust the Japanese to be this crazy emo1


Vege Top, Bottom Freezer

So of course Japanese people like to do lots and lots of studies and surveys, and they found out most of the time we utilize the refridgerator comportment the most. It’s true with me, i hardly open up the freezer unless it is cooking time. So less bending and better for your posture too!


Hippo Mouth Vege Case

If you compare it to your conventional fridge, it’s much more spacious! To me the vegetable room is probably the most important too since it’s the most frequently accessed and sometimes the cabbage is just too damn big lol.

I love love love this Hippo Mouth invention, indirectly gives you healthier diet cuz now you can store more veggies and fruits! 😀


Kangaroo Pocket 

Check out the drinks/sauces compartment!!

Remember my supply of Hokkaido milk??


Not to mention also supply of Yakult and the danna’s beers and crazy amount of cooking sauces. I don’t even know how SHARP conjures up so much space (while K-brand fridge is obviously full already).


7 Levels Adjustable Shelf


Having a whole turkey or a mini elephant for dinner? You can position the shelf at 7 different levels to fit in large or small items. Now i can stuff a whole pot of leftover soup in without having to separate it in several bowls!!


Plasmacluster Technology

As you know i am a fanatic fan of Plasmacluster technology. Read my post on Plasmacluster Hair Dryer and Plasmacluster Air Purifier.

I believe in it so much i would even buy Plasmacluster mascara if there ever is one.emo1


And i think no fridge should be made without Plasmacluster technology because you now know how powerful it is to eliminate odor (as demonstrated in my air purifier post), and also keep the balance of ION (as explained in hair dryer post), so now you can imagine your fruits, meats and vegetable living linger and healthier (before being gloriously devoured by you)!!!

Also means no more foul odor in your fridge, (trust me, morning sickness + smell of fridge = phobia forever) and higher level of food safety.


It is priced at RM1599, with 10 years compressor warranty!!

And it is available at most electrical store – Harvey Norman, Courts Mammoth, Sengheng Electric, SenQ, etc.


Check out their:

Sharp Malaysia FB page