Quick update from Tokyo!

It’s impossible to have a boring day in Tokyo, especially in spring where the whole city is buzzing with pink sakura delight and endless fashion events!!

So today the girls and i attended the first show Stretsis Autumn Winter 2014/15 (it’s crazy to keep up with world fashion! barely even warm enough to throw away down jackets and it’s winter again?!), a fashion brand by 3 sisters from Thailand.

Fashion show was in Shibuya Hikarie!



Pastel ride ♡

Flower girls

The show was AMAZING it was beyond cute and all the Japanese girls loooooove it. Thailand’s got talent!!! <3

Spot the bloggers lololol.


With Maya ♡

Yuri and Momo  ♡



Beni remembers me from Tokyo Kawaii TV T____T super starstruck.

Super cutie DJ Caroline  ♡

All these fashion people are impossibly gorgeous and fashionable i cannot take it anymore T___T




After that rushed over to Harajuku to join another fashion tour hosted by Seto Ayumi, Anna and Achinami. Completely different genre but it’s so fun!!

Cute girls guiding us shopping in Harajuku.

With the Harajuku girls.

And Ayumi ♡。







Confused by the many sub-culture of Japanese fashion yet??? Me too!

But anyway, as i have mentioned before, Herbal Essences is holding the first Neo Gal party in April!

What is Neo Gal?

Neo Gal is a relatively new fashion subculture in Japan right now, namely the new Gyaru culture. Different people give it different definitions, but to me it’s a fashion trend that is a blend between Shibuya and Harajuku sub cultures, as well as the old gyaru style with a lot of international influences.

Some of the brands that are officially branded as “Neo Gal” fashion are Gyda, EMODA, and Resexxy. And fashion icons who are labelled as Neo Gal are producers like Alisa Ueno (Fig & Viper) and Sasaki Ayano (Evris).


So back to the party!


Date – 13th April 2013 (Sunday)
Time – 4.30pm – 730pm
Venue – The Pool, Jalan Ampang
Dresscode – Neo Gal

Remember remember to show me your Sweet Rose or Soft Lavender best Japan inspired OOTD/Make-up Styles/Hairstyles and upload your picture on Instagram with #HerbalEssences @Nuffnang @Cheeserland ! More information here!

See you at the party!