This is so crazy. And this is not really a blog post. This is just me explaining why this isn’t a real post.

Time has never been more valuable and i am so anxious to even waste one second of my time here in Japan since i probably won’t be back here for the year T__T. The calendar is dotted with exciting events the entire month. There are too much new food and old favorite to try and go back for, there are too much sakura to see. Tokyo is too fun to be missed out at a time like this.

This is the longest i have stayed in Japan for one stretch in total (4 weeks), yet i feel like time is just slipping away from me and more than two weeks are already gone and there are still so much i need to do!!!!!!!!!!

I know right! I am so lucky! Every single day i thank the world for allowing me to be here safely, having a great sunny day, going out with people i like, eating the best food in the world, shopping for the cutest things (although my bank account is going mad), having the mood to dress up fashionably (or otherwise outrageously), meeting the nicest people… etc etc etc. I feel like only good things can happen when one is here feeling happy and grateful. And so far it has been so true.

Also today i officially enter the third trimester!!!


My god time just flies like crazy!

It amazed me how good i still feel. What heaviness? What headache? What pelvic pain?!?! DEAL WITH IT LATER!!! I was warning RinRin before i came that she would have to put up with walking alongside a heavy beach ball at tortoise speed. But i couldn’t feel more normal (except maybe it’s harder to tie my shoe laces now).

These two weeks had been the best weeks ever, i’ve never had more energy and appetite! I eat sooooooooooo much and i walk soooooooo much and it just made me feel nice and healthy (never mind the overdose on top-grade Japanese beef)!!!! (Oh and yes, it is true. Despite all that i still gain less weight than when i was back home. The magic pill is called JAPAN. It’s Cheesiely-proven. Don’t ever argue with me about this.)

Do i sound high? Yea i think it’s the hormone. That or it’s Japanese air. Either one. For sure.

I guess i was too busy doing stuff to feel miserable. Now when i think about it, there are indeed time when i wanted to cry out at horrible leg cramps at night, and also almost went crazy with the belly itch that doesn’t go away (applying cream makes it itch, not applying cream makes it itch more due to dryness T___T). So it’s not all perfect and trouble-free of course.


Maybe since the third trimester has hit now all the new woes will occur very very soon, but i am really really thankful for this perfect timing for a last wonderful trip in Japan.

Update soon again! 😀

(And i have no time to check the grammar of this post so yea this really isn’t a blog post.)